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Abuse or Neglect by Mind Map: Abuse or Neglect
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Abuse or Neglect

Aggression & violence supply the individual with power & prestige that boosts self-image.

Rape-an act of aggression, not passion against another.



Father domineering, impulsive, & physically abusive.


Mother passive,submissive & denigrates her role of wife/mother. Unaware of, or at least suspects, incestuous relationship but uses denial or keeps quiet out of fear of being abused by husband.

For “stranger rape,” victims chose b/c right place/right time, not b/c or appearance or behavior.

Presence of weapon (real or not) is principal measure of the degree to which a woman resists attacker.

Victim responses


An impaired spousal relationship


Psychodynamic theory

Learning theory

Sociocultural theories

Sexual assault

Child abuse

Physical abuse:

Emotional abuse:



Characteristics of the abuser

History of Abuse

Puritans - property

Biblical perspective

Protection began 20th century


Intimate partner abuse

Nursing diagnoses

Rape-trauma syndrome


Delayed growth and development

Nursing intervention