Research Project Topic 2012

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Research Project Topic 2012 by Mind Map: Research Project Topic 2012

1. Sports

1.1. Cricket

1.1.1. A guide to preparing cricket pitches

1.1.2. The evolution of cricket

1.2. Football

1.2.1. Rule changes since the beginning of AFL and reseasons for them

2. Conspiracy Theories

2.1. 9/11

2.1.1. Was the 9/11 attack on the twin towers cauused by terrorists?

2.2. Roswell UFO incident

2.2.1. Did extraterrestrials crash into Roswell, New Mexico in 1947?

3. Gambling

3.1. A study into the addiction of gambling

3.2. Gambling in sport

3.2.1. Should players be allowed to bet for/against their own team, and any other team in their league?

4. Illicit Drugs

4.1. Cannabis

4.1.1. How does the use of cannabis affect an adolescent brain?

4.2. Ecstasy

4.2.1. Are people aware of the long term effects caused by the consistant use of ectasy?

5. Sleep

5.1. How does a lack of sleep affect someone's ability to perform everyday tasks?

5.2. A study into sleep paralysis

6. Computers

6.1. How does the hardware of a computer make it work the way it does?

7. Fishing

7.1. What process does the South Australian Fisheries go through to determine size and bag limits for different fish species?