National Council for transgender Persons

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National Council for transgender Persons by Mind Map: National Council for transgender Persons

1. members from

1.1. Ministry of health

1.2. ministry of home

1.3. ministry of minority affairs

1.4. ministry of education

1.5. ministry of rural development

1.6. ministry of labour and law]

1.7. 1 member each from

1.7.1. Department of Pension

1.7.2. NITI Aayog

1.7.3. National Human Rights Commission

1.7.4. National Commission of Women

1.8. Representations from 5 states and Union Territories on rotational basis

2. Why in news

2.1. Centre has constituted the body

3. Will be headed by

3.1. Union Social Justice Minister

4. Will have Representatives from

4.1. 10 Central Departments

4.2. 5 States

4.3. members of the transgendres community

5. Established under

5.1. Transgenders Persons (Protection of Rights Act,2019)

6. Aim

6.1. Mainstreaming transgender communities concerns,raising awareness about their issues to increase assimilation in the society

7. Functions

7.1. Advising Government of India

7.1.1. Formulation of policies,programmes and legislation related to transgenders community

7.2. monitoring and evaluating

7.2.1. impact of policies and programmes designed for achieving equality and full participation of transgender persons

7.3. Reviewing and coordinating activities of all departments

7.4. redressing grievances