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Survival by Mind Map: Survival

1. Pick the post protected sport you can find. A good spot would be cave, rock outcrop, or fallen tree, the better it is the warmer it is Fallen tree- cut away some of the branches and lean them against the trunk.

2. Fire is used for cooking, keep warm, dry clothes, signals, for comfort. Cotton batting is good tinder and keep from sticking to each. Other uses for fire is as a fuel: 2 kinds:tinder and kindling Tinder: thin birch bark in shrubs, dry grass, fur balls, shaving, dry leaves, link Kindling- dry deadwood Thick logs stumps good for all night fire Location not under a tree, on bare dirt, surrounding rocks

3. Factors Affecting Survival

4. Fire Building

5. Rescue Signals

5.1. Sound Signal

5.2. Food Trail

6. Shelter Building

7. Types of fire

8. Consider how to attract other peopleʼz attention to your location. International emergency distress signals is three signals of a kind. (i.e. three shots, three whistle blasts, three fires in a triangle) Mirror signals

9. Hypothermia

10. Exposure to Cold

11. Energy Loss

12. Body Heat Loss

13. Coldness

14. Loneliness

15. Boredom

16. Hypothermia is caused by exposure to cool air or water. It is accelerated by wet or damp clothing, wind, exhaustion, or sudden contact with cold water,

17. Factors Affecting Survival include Pain, Cold Loneliness, Fear, Boredom, Fatigue, Thirst, Hunger