R'n'R Policies

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R'n'R Policies by Mind Map: R'n'R Policies

1. GCSE Students (Years 10 and 11)

1.1. Creating a market for students to buy GCSE and IB material

1.2. GCSE -> IB Transition

1.2.1. Provide introductory material and subject texts during the Summer, rather than after

1.2.2. LIONeL forums for FAQs

1.2.3. Request teachers to put up ALL their files. WILL REQUIRE TRUANCY-SYSTEM TO BE INCREASED

2. Junior School (Years 7, 8 and 9)

2.1. Increase work-load slightly so as to ease transition between GCSE-IB

2.1.1. Get them familiar with Google Applications and show them the benefits (Real-time editing)

2.1.2. Request teachers to put up ALL their files. WILL REQUIRE TRUANCY-SYSTEM TO BE INCREASED

2.2. Diversity of Ethnicity

2.2.1. Include various ethnic dates in school diary, as well as school website and Google Calender

3. Canteen

3.1. Variety for Vegetarians needed

3.2. Prices are inconsistent ($13 for yoghurt?)

4. Stairways and Locker-rooms

4.1. One-way flow system

4.2. Various NO WAITING signs Reinforcement needed

5. Vandalism

5.1. Respect the work Scott and his team have to do for us.

5.2. No tolerance

5.3. Includes stealing, vandalism, and (to some extent) littering.

6. Leader's Authority

6.1. Learn from their mistakes

6.2. Be open to all ideas

6.3. Be ready to accept their mistakes

6.4. Get KGV known to other ESF's or maybe even HK

7. Octopus System

7.1. If possible, have a supermarket-like system (the server registers entering, can be done passively)

8. Freedom of Speech

8.1. Improve the voices of the schools by maybe creating an emailing system.

8.1.1. If not an emailing system, then something like a form box on the SC website

8.2. Get the students to precisely explain what's wrong, rather than 'This sucks and that sucks'.

8.3. Many IB and GCSE Students are having to struggle with their studies because they just can't seem to work with their teachers. Only sincere complaints will be taken in - and complaints must be from both sides of the party, appropriate, and reasonable.

9. IB Students (Years 12 and 13)

9.1. Creating a market for students to sell their GCSE and IB material

9.2. Time Management

9.2.1. Study Leave when period 5, or 4 and 5 are free

9.2.2. Registration, PSE and etc should be kept at a minimum

9.2.3. Challange Week should be optional

9.2.4. Request teachers to put up ALL their files. WILL REQUIRE TRUANCY-SYSTEM TO BE INCREASED

9.2.5. Improve Wi-Fi system to broaden range and strength

9.3. FAQs

9.3.1. If LIONeL can handle it, add forums for subject related questions

9.3.2. If LIONeL can handle it, add forums for post-KGV related questions

9.3.3. If LIONeL can't handle it, do something

9.4. Quiet Room

9.4.1. Add a mini-library - dictionary, thesauraus, encyclopedia(?), etc

9.4.2. Improve quality and efficiency of printing - maybe wireless printer for all?

9.5. Relations between Students

9.5.1. Teach respect

9.5.2. May not be necessary for some, but increase contact between different year groups

9.5.3. LIONeL System for forums may benefit

9.6. Non-IB Studies

9.6.1. SAT/ACT learning sessions after-schools

9.7. Advance Diploma Program

9.7.1. A-Level learning sessions after-schools

9.7.2. Request to have the timetable such that lessons can be completed as soon as possible and they can go home afterward. Having 3 frees and then 2 lessons is not at all practical.

9.7.3. Have less frees and more lessons. Instead of 11, maybe 6