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R'n'R Policies by Mind Map: R'n'R Policies
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R'n'R Policies

Stick Posters with Slogan(s). Give out badges. Invite FB members and explain policies.

Freedom of Speech

Improve the voices of the schools by maybe creating an emailing system.

Get the students to precisely explain what's wrong, rather than 'This sucks and that sucks'.

Many IB and GCSE Students are having to struggle with their studies because they just can't seem to work with their teachers. Only sincere complaints will be taken in - and complaints must be from both sides of the party, appropriate, and reasonable.

IB Students (Years 12 and 13)

Creating a market for students to sell their GCSE and IB material

Time Management


Quiet Room

Relations between Students

Non-IB Studies

Advance Diploma Program

GCSE Students (Years 10 and 11)

Creating a market for students to buy GCSE and IB material

GCSE -> IB Transition

Junior School (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Increase work-load slightly so as to ease transition between GCSE-IB

Diversity of Ethnicity


Variety for Vegetarians needed

Prices are inconsistent ($13 for yoghurt?)

Stairways and Locker-rooms

One-way flow system

Various NO WAITING signs Reinforcement needed


Respect the work Scott and his team have to do for us.

No tolerance

Includes stealing, vandalism, and (to some extent) littering.

Leader's Authority

Learn from their mistakes

Be open to all ideas

Be ready to accept their mistakes

Get KGV known to other ESF's or maybe even HK

Octopus System

If possible, have a supermarket-like system (the server registers entering, can be done passively)