Key Success Elements

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Key Success Elements by Mind Map: Key Success Elements

1. Application/Segment

1.1. Touch

1.2. Motor Control

1.3. LCD

1.4. Win8 USB HID to I2C

1.5. Audio

1.6. Bistable Display Driver

2. Increase Disti foundation

2.1. Focus IDH program (China)

2.2. Drive Disti Biz creation (EU & China)

2.3. Joint seminar

2.4. More Marcom

3. Biz Creation

3.1. Drive new biz

3.1.1. Collaborate with BL Auto & ID

3.1.2. 2nd/3rd Tier customers

3.2. Additional US/EU/JAP OEMs

3.2.1. Dell, HP (Computing)

3.2.2. Microsoft (Computing, Consumer)

3.2.3. Nokia, Apple (Mobile)

3.2.4. Siemens, Schneider (Industrial)

3.2.5. Emerson, Honeywell (Industrial)

3.2.6. Whirlpool (WG??)

4. Resource

4.1. Reconfigure existing & add new resources

4.1.1. Add new resource to manage project

4.1.2. Form teams addressing different biz oppty Reward winning team Share lessons learnt w other teams More market insights

4.2. Product Revenue Focus

4.2.1. Shrink only if >50% savings & potential market oppty >> investment $ Stop shrink projects on ARM7

4.2.2. Make small incremental changes using the "Goto Market Desgin team" (Shanghai & Soong's team) Address new market fast less error on design

4.2.3. Don't make very similar products

5. Support

5.1. Train L2 on new peripherals

5.2. Upgrade our FAE & PAE technical skills

5.3. Train Disti FAE

5.4. Provide extensive software examples

5.5. Make it easy to use

5.5.1. put basic drivers in ROM

5.5.2. Assist complex peripheral usage graphic tool example codes Setup device graphically Power mode control using graphical tool Recommend PCB layer

5.6. Integrate User Manual into IDE Help function

5.7. Support addtional OEM