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OPC_class_01 by Mind Map: OPC_class_01

1. students

1.1. Maria Kanaki

1.2. Alessandro Trivilini

1.3. presentation of the class 01 (Feb, 19), given on Feb, 26

1.4. 1st lesson

1.4.1. Online Communication and Technologies Proper design,Usability issues Evaluation Keeping up to date Questions concerning the users How do people use technology? Will they adopt it?/Why will they use it? Question concerning the managers Why should people use it?

1.4.2. Sketch Human Communication General Knowledge that The new technology does not destroy the older one... example of small fishes and pyranhas Created according to people's needs example of FM Radios Economic example LCAC (Low Cost Airline Model) example Last minute offer example buying music by single tracks Legal / Political example DRM (Digital Rights Management)

1.4.3. Diffusion theories eCRM - Customer Relationship Management tool example of a Customer Relationship Management tool Rogers - Technology Acceptance Model Categorization of people according to frequent/rare use of technologies