PLE in TPACK theory

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PLE in TPACK theory by Mind Map: PLE in TPACK theory

1. Reading

1.1. At home

1.1.1. Photocopies about Punya Mishra theory Underlining Writing important things

1.2. In class

1.2.1. Listening to Linda's explanation

2. Reflecting & Doing

2.1. At home

2.1.1. Each of us made a summary

2.2. In class

2.2.1. Discussing the kind of Mind Map to do

2.2.2. Choosing relevant ideas for putting them in the poster

2.2.3. Put the ideas in the poster

2.2.4. Digitalize the poster in Word

3. Sharing

3.1. At home

3.1.1. Posting in the blog Star (Beckie) Journalist (Natalia) Analyst (Berta)

3.2. In class

3.2.1. With the rest of the group in a Speed Dating format (5')

3.2.2. Video of the star (Beckie) Blogger YouTube