PLE in the Dark Side of textbooks

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PLE in the Dark Side of textbooks by Mind Map: PLE in the Dark Side of textbooks

1. Reading

1.1. At home

1.1.1. Photocopies that Linda gave us

1.1.2. Underlining the most relevant ideas

1.1.3. Extracting the main concepts

1.2. In class

1.2.1. Linda' slides show

1.2.2. Taking notes of the explanation

2. Reflecting

2.1. At home

2.1.1. We thought about ideas for making the advertisements

2.1.2. Thinking about the format of the questions

2.2. In the faculty

2.2.1. Thinking about the slogans

2.2.2. Thinking about the dialogues in the advertisements

2.2.3. Recording the videos

2.2.4. Thinking about the music for putting in the videos

2.2.5. Editing the videos

2.2.6. Writing the main ideas about the campaign

3. Sharing

3.1. At home

3.1.1. Posting in the blog Star (Esther) Journalist (Antonio Luís) Analyst (Beckie)

3.1.2. Uploading the videos to Youtube

3.2. In class

3.2.1. Seeing all the campaign against textbooks