Anjelika's brain-how information gets in

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Anjelika's brain-how information gets in by Mind Map: Anjelika's brain-how information gets in

1. media

1.1. magazines

1.1.1. big fan of small bites. the most current information but feeds into my tendancy for scattered thoughts that stagnate. inc. entreprunuer fast company vanity fair interview cooking light playthings

1.2. books

1.2.1. I collect more than I read.

1.3. TV

1.3.1. yes, please nightly new with charles gibson when he ends with "i hope you had a good day, from everyone here, have a good night" I believe him and am touched by how personal the wish is. 60 minutes one of the last bastions of televised true journalistic discourse. 20/20 the social stories, not the murder cases the daily show the colbert report PBS I work there so I have to say it but I worry for its future. I question the choices that are made in programming, we are in danger of losing relevance (more than we already have). channels like currentTV have a format more Americans will seek out.

1.4. web

1.4.1. overwhelmed by the choices for entertainment and information. To use a TV analagy...used mostly as a "tune in" option, meaning, I go where I know to go as I need to find information or resources. I don't channel flip or surf for new sites. it is, however, ever present, reliable, and all knowing (and expected to be so). yahoo mail google maps google search pandora

1.5. radio

1.5.1. NPR morning edition all things considered fresh air not so much after living in Philly when it was repeated 2 times a day, 3-4 times on the weekends. this american life stories i've never heard or seen anywhere else, timely and relevant exposes on the news and real life. wait wait don't tell me day to day sad to hear it go :( market place

1.6. Newspapers

1.6.1. not so much anymore. Paper is dying like it or not. the onion

2. Real life everyday

2.1. experiences

2.2. observations

2.3. conversations

3. friends

3.1. Facebook

3.2. phone

4. work

4.1. co-workers

4.2. professional publications

4.3. newsletters

4.3.1. emailed cynopsis big blue dot playthings

4.4. conferences

4.5. projects