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Fallacies of Relevance by Mind Map: Fallacies of Relevance
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Fallacies of Relevance

Appeal to Ignorance

This says that a claim must be true because no one has proven that it is not true or that a claim must be false because no one has proven it false.

Appeal to the Mob

Also known as Bandwagon Fallacy. If everyone is doing something, that is a good enough reason. It is a fallacy to think that because a large group believes or does something, it is correct or appropriate. This fallacy appeals to the need to be liked and accepted.

Appeal to Emotion

It is false to think that we should base our response on an emotional reaction.

Ad Hominem Attacks

Also known as Personal Attacks. Instead of addressing the claim, the reasons attack the character of another.

Straw Man

This is a misrepresentation of someone’s view.

Playing with Words

This includes slanted language, ambiguity, stereotypes in the writing that are designed to mislead or throw us off the track.

Misuse of Authority

This assumes that if someone popular or powerful says something, it must be true. It doesn’t matter if this popular or powerful person has no expertise in the subject area.

Red Herring

This occurs when an arguer attempts to distract an audience by raising an irrelevant issue.