Stevi Marie's Brain

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Stevi Marie's Brain by Mind Map: Stevi Marie's Brain

1. Media

1.1. Television

1.1.1. Yes. I am aware I watch way too much tv for my own good. I'm also aware that the list of programs reveals how much of a nerd I truly am.

1.1.2. The History Channel Modern Marvels Mega Disasters

1.1.3. The Science Channel The Universe How It's Made The Cosmos How Do They Do That?

1.1.4. The Discovery Channel Dirty Jobs Mythbusters How Stuff Works

1.1.5. Fuse 7th Avenue Drop Steven's Untitled Rock Show

1.1.6. MTV 2 $2 Bill Unleashed

1.2. Radio

1.2.1. Broadcast radio is dead. iTunes and Pandora killed it.

1.3. Newspapers

1.3.1. Northern Virginia Daily

1.3.2. Warren Sentinel

1.3.3. Washington Post

1.4. Magazines

1.4.1. Yes... I do read most of these on a regular basis. (It helps kill time on planes and while waiting in line for gigs.)

1.4.2. Music Rock Sound Alternative Press Metal Hammer Blender Kerrang Circus A.M.P. Punk Rock Confidential Dischord NME

1.4.3. Miscellaneous Fangoria Gothic Beauty People

1.5. Books

1.5.1. I have way too many books around at any given time to go into this one.

2. The Web

2.1. Social Networking

2.1.1. MySpace Friends' Pages Groups Forums Music Images

2.1.2. Blogs Blogger Edublogs Live Journal

2.1.3. Message Boards

2.1.4. Twitter

2.1.5. Buzznet Friends' Pages Groups Forums Images

2.2. Research

2.2.1. Wikis Wikipedia Lyrics Wiki

2.2.2. Images Flickr Photobucket Getty Images

2.2.3. Databases Internet Movie Database

2.3. News





3. Friends and Family

3.1. Text Messages

3.2. E-Mails

3.3. Phone Conversations

4. Living

4.1. Road Trips

4.1.1. Wandering the country

4.1.2. Meeting new people

4.1.3. Experiencing new things

4.2. Work

4.2.1. Interactions with co-workers

4.2.2. Interactions with students and residents

4.2.3. Trying new strategies

4.3. Home

4.3.1. Interactions with family

4.4. Making Mistakes

4.5. Experimenting to see what will happen