Internet Safety

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Internet Safety by Mind Map: Internet Safety

1. Instant Messaging

1.1. only 2 pep chatting

1.2. members directory

1.2.1. can send messages that upset u

1.3. Keep passport details

1.3.1. sign in name and password

1.4. delete messages that upset u

1.5. some keeps on sending messages to you

1.5.1. Go off line

2. chatting online

2.1. use a nickname

2.2. go to website that is suitable

2.3. generally detail is allowed

2.3.1. no personal details

2.4. never meet people online face to face

2.4.1. tell adult

2.4.2. parents

2.5. chack chatroom= moderator

3. Emails

3.1. virus harm comp

3.2. don't send too much detail on emails

3.2.1. personal detail

3.3. Use virus checker

3.4. Virus diguise = attachment

3.5. Use virus checker before opening an attachment

3.6. nevr open emails from people u don't know

3.7. Check emails adress

4. Mobile phones

4.1. Only reply 2 people u know

4.2. delete messages that upsets you

4.2.1. tell an adult

4.3. always delete spam messages

4.4. spam messages send lots of no.

4.5. only use mobile phone in safe places

4.6. Before sending check the no.

4.6.1. making sure u got the right no.

4.7. don't leave your mobile lying around

5. Web browsing

5.1. Use more websites when researching

5.1.1. to compare

5.2. if a website is rude = go back

5.2.1. don't use that website

5.3. Websites link to adresses

5.4. look for website policy

5.5. Use search engine

5.5.1. child friendly Yahoo Ask Google

5.6. Use keywords

5.7. neva order anything online

5.7.1. ask permission before ordering

5.8. not all info is true

5.9. not all website is true

6. Online forum

6.1. meeting place

6.2. log on forum : identify yourself

6.2.1. identity will be open info on internet

6.3. when sending messages try no. from adress book

6.4. Known as bullet boards

6.5. neva give per. detail

6.5.1. name, adress...

6.6. known as e-board

6.7. online conference