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Racing Game by Mind Map: Racing Game

1. Levels

1.1. Players race through a course in a certain amount of time to unlock the next level

2. Cars

2.1. Different colours

2.2. Players can customize their car

2.3. Different styles of car

3. Games Engine

3.1. Simple engine to use and can create fully 3D games

3.2. The game will be made using Kodu

4. Platform

4.1. PC

4.2. Mobile

4.3. Online Browser Game

5. Gameplay

5.1. Players race through different courses and have to dodge obstacles such as missiles while making it to the end of the course in a certain amount of time

5.1.1. If they don't make it in time then they need to re-do the course because they can only open up the next course by completing it within the given time limit

6. Game Setting

6.1. Racing Challenge Game

6.1.1. Race through course with a time limit avoiding obstacles to advance to the next course

7. Genre

7.1. Racing

7.2. Adventure

8. Number of Players

8.1. Game will be both single and multiplayer