InBasket Training for Access End Users

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InBasket Training for Access End Users by Mind Map: InBasket Training for Access End Users

1. End Users

1.1. Clinicians

1.2. Access Users

1.3. All CD and AF

2. Decisions to Make Today

2.1. Will we move forward with Training In Basket to Access End Users?

2.1.1. yes, involve Epic ACs and JHH PM's to ID the scope

2.2. How will we plan for Content Development?

2.3. Are the Risks/Limitations of this too great?

2.4. Development Timeline

2.5. Next Steps

2.5.1. Identify Parties Involved/Workgroup? Kelly Melanie

3. Content Development

3.1. What tasks to include for the Access End User??

3.1.1. Can we use existing Clinical content to design/develop?

3.1.2. What do we want them to be able to do at go live? staff messages personal calls patient calls re customer service patient calls on billing issues prescription refill requests others? Appointment Requests from MyChart depends on what workgroup decides, Epic Care Training, Telephone Encounters, etc managing your in basket when to use it

3.2. Denali Upgrade Impact is Minimal

4. Risks/Limitations

4.1. Access ID's have not been trained on In Basket

4.2. Integrated Workgroup

4.2.1. Led by Gary Dunn, mtgs have not started yet

4.2.2. no Access team representation

4.3. In Basket Content Development is not part of TPP

4.3.1. Place in 100% bucket - June?. no Will Integrated Workgroup have finalized decisions by then?

4.3.2. Place in Specialty Development - September? Same Question as above Would need to explore reassigning ownership, as Kristin's Research build and test is #1 priority at that time Kelly to execute

4.4. Can Impact Telephone Encounters Workflow

4.4.1. Kelly C. wants all clinics to be using it Develop in conjunction

4.4.2. need JHH AC's on Epic Care and Access to decide how we want to use these. Epic Care needs to decide how the Access users will use it. Need to escalate to Eric Brown.

4.5. Others?

5. Content Delivery Options

5.1. In Class Training

5.1.1. What Lesson Will This be Added To?

5.1.2. Will it Be Required or Recommended?

5.1.3. Estimated Length? Impact of Time on Overall Lesson Plan Process?

5.2. E-Learning

5.2.1. Same Questions as Above Node

5.3. Optimization

5.3.1. In Class Training See Above

5.3.2. E-Learning See Above

5.4. Tip Sheet

5.4.1. Same Questions as Above Node

5.5. Others?