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Verbs by Mind Map: Verbs
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Finite Verbs

Transitive Verbs

Direct Object!, to whom?, to what?

Intransitive Verbs

NO Object

Linking Verbs

no action, conect Subject + Subject Complement (be, become, see, appear, remain)

Non-Finite Verbs

Grammar divition


To+Simple verb form

Never -s, -es, -ed, -or -ing endings!

No To, feel hear help let make see watch, special verb + direct object + infinitive - to


Every G. ends in ing.

Function as NOUNS


Present, ends in -ing

Past, regular verbs, end in -ed, irregular verbs, do not follow the same pattern

Functions, as Multipart Verbs, auxiliary verbs + participles, as Adjetives, Present, "The crying baby" Which baby? The crying baby., Past, "The mangled pair of sunglasses" Which pair of sunglasses? The mangled pair., as Nouns, Whenever a present participle functions as a noun, you call it a gerund.

Helping Verbs

Primary Auxiliary

be + vb

do + vb

have + vb

will + vb

Modals (permorm semantic function)

Necesity or obligation, should, must, ought

Possibility, might, could

Willingness or ability, will, can

do not take "-s" in the third person

use "not" to make modal verbs negative