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Vishnu: Preserver of Earth by Mind Map: Vishnu: Preserver of Earth
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Vishnu: Preserver of Earth


Aryan conquerors of India

Major Vedic god Indra who in the epics and Puranas


Human body with blue hands

Always carries four objects with him

The Conch, The breath of vishnu

The chakra, or discus, Weapon boomerang

The lotus flower, Lights up the sky and illuminates darkness

The mace, The power of time

Rides the king of birds, the Eagle

Sat upon a giant serpent


The fish, similar to Noah

Kurma, turtle

Varaha, pig or boar

Narasimha, half lion half man

Vamana, ability to grow

Parasurama, very fierce hunter

Rama, great warrior

Krishna, very smart man

Buddha, the all knowing one

Kalki, person of earth

Aims of life

Duty and Virtue

Material good, wealth

Pleasure, sexuality, and enjoyment



Anything with beautiful music

Social dancing events

Very sweet food

Praising cows and teaching vegetarianism

Qualities of Vishnu






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