Technological Environment

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Technological Environment by Mind Map: Technological Environment

1. To Reflect

1.1. Physical milieu

1.1.1. Lecture from class

1.1.2. Pencil and Paper

1.1.3. Class interactions

1.2. Virtual milieu

1.2.1. Writing Tools Microsoft Office Open Office Nuevo nodo Google Docs

1.2.2. Social Networks Twitter Tuenti Facebook

1.2.3. Blogs Blogger Tumblr

1.2.4. Picture and Video Server Youtube Flickr

1.2.5. Mind Map Mind Meister

1.2.6. Programs from computer Adobe Photoshop Movie Maker (to make the Stop Motion) Music Programs (to compose music from Textbooks Adverts) Finale Mixcraft

1.2.7. Programs from iPad (Creativity Workshop) Toontastic App Strip Designer App

1.2.8. Other webpages

2. To Share

2.1. Physical Milieu

2.1.1. Expositions Speed Dating Pechakucha

2.1.2. People Interaction

2.1.3. Grupal activities

2.1.4. Classroom

2.2. Virtual Milieu

2.2.1. Social Networks Tuenti Twitter Facebooks

2.2.2. Google Gmail Google Docs Google Drive

2.2.3. Picture and Video Server Youtube Flickr

2.2.4. Blogs Blogger Tumblr

2.2.5. Programs from iPad (they allow sharing the final result directly to the Internet) Toontastic Strip Designer

2.2.6. Other webpages

3. To Read

3.1. .

3.1.1. Physical milieu In the classroom Class notes Lecture from teachers People interaction Powerpoint photocopies Books and Textbooks RAE Dictionary Comics Own thoughts and observation

3.1.2. Virtual milieu Internet Web browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) Google Social Networks Picture and Video server Language Tools Blogs Other webpages Programs from the computer Adobe Reader Microsoft Office (only for reading) Adobe Photoshop Other programs