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Devops by Mind Map: Devops

1. BI: Deliver High Quality Online Courses

1.1. EPIC: Provide Secure and Performant IT Infrastructure

1.1.1. FEATURE: Add Application Framework CORE 2.0 PBI: Install CORE 2.0 on uoev-appP1 PBI: Install CORE 2.0 on uoev-appP2

1.1.2. FEATURE: Update Security Framework to TLS 1.2

1.1.3. FEATURE: Standup New Database Server

1.1.4. FEATURE: Remove Deffects from Infrastructure BUG: Server does not restart after patch applied BUG: Performance on DB server is very poor

1.2. EPIC: Provide Secure and Performant Administrative Tools

1.2.1. FEATURE: Create an Automated Enrollment Tool

1.2.2. FEATURE: Add a Daily Errors Report to Courselink Tool

1.2.3. FEATURE: Remove Defects from Administrative Tools Bug: Autoenrol tool not parsing hyphenated names

1.3. EPIC: Provide Secure and Performant T&L Tools

1.3.1. FEATURE: Create Courselink Application Platform

1.3.2. FEATURE: Add Reporting to Courselink Application Platform

1.3.3. FEATURE: Add Additional Reporting Feature to Courselink Application Platform

1.3.4. FEATURE: Add a Dashboard to PEAR2

2. BI: Provide High Quality Registration

2.1. EPIC:Provide Robust Registration System

2.1.1. Feature: Create New form elements to the registration form PBI: Get Form Element details from Marketing PBI: create mockup of new form PBI: Develop the form and deploy to testing PBI: Ensure form performs as needed PBI: Release to Prod

2.2. EPIC: Provide Simple and Quick Registration Workflow

3. Structure

3.1. BI

3.1.1. Definition: Department level business initiative focusing on our Strategic Mandate

3.1.2. Fields Description Success Criteria Additional Notes Discussion

3.2. Epic

3.2.1. Definition:Unit level Initiative or Service in Response to Departmental BI

3.2.2. Fields Iteration Assigned to: Area State *New *Approved *Committed *Done *Removed Description Success Criteria Discussion Start Date Target Date Priority Effort Value area Time Criticality Value Area Discussion

3.3. Project / Feature

3.3.1. Definition: Standalone Deliverable Element in support of an Epic

3.3.2. Fields Iteration Assigned to: Area State *New *Approved *Committed *Done *Removed Description Acceptance Criteria Risks and Obstacles Discussion Dependencies Start Date EndDate Priority Time Criticality Value Area Discussion

3.4. PBI

3.4.1. Definition: List of Necessary Elements needed to deliver a Feature

3.4.2. Fields Iteration Assigned to: Area State *New *Approved *Committed *Done *Removed Description Acceptance Criteria Dependencies Priority Effort Value Area Discussion

3.5. Bug

3.5.1. Definition: Defect in code, configuration or hardware affecting delivery of service

3.5.2. Fields Iteration Assigned to: Area State *New *Approved *Committed *Done *Removed Description Reason *New Defect *Build Failure Repro Steps System Info Acceptance Criteria Priority Severity Remaining work Activity *Requirements *Design *Development *Deployment *Documentation *Testing Found in Build Integrated in Build Discussion

3.6. Task

3.6.1. Definition: Work items needed to complete a Product Backlog Item

3.6.2. Fields Iteration Assigned to: Area State Description Discussion Priority Remaining work Activity *Requirements *Design *Development *Deployment *Documentation *Testing Original Teime Estimate Actual Time

4. Teams

4.1. App Dev Team

4.2. Multimedia Dev Team

4.3. Systems Team

5. Areas

5.1. OpenEd2

5.1.1. Course and Program Delivery Tools Pear1 Pear2 Courselink InFront

5.1.2. Marketing and Enrollment Tools Destiny Maestro

5.1.3. Infrastructure Server Networking Database Storage

5.1.4. Classroom Technical Tools Crestron

6. Tags

6.1. Product Affected

6.1.1. Speechelo

6.1.2. REV

6.1.3. Pear1

6.1.4. SFQLink

6.1.5. PEAR2

6.2. Unit

6.2.1. DE

6.2.2. CE

6.2.3. Reg

6.2.4. Fin

6.2.5. Sup

6.2.6. ELP

6.2.7. Mkt

6.2.8. Sup

6.2.9. ITS

6.2.10. CTS

6.3. Course (not section)

6.3.1. Econ1100

6.3.2. Phys2210

6.3.3. 10021100

6.4. Function

6.4.1. Administrative

6.4.2. Teaching and Learning

6.4.3. Compliance

7. Workflows

7.1. App Dev Team

7.1.1. Feature Level Proposed Requirements / Sizing Pending Committed Build Test Release

7.1.2. PBI Level To Do In Progress Done Blocked Closed