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Vishnu by Mind Map: Vishnu

1. Author

1.1. Palmer Coleman

2. Avatars

2.1. There are 10 avatars

2.2. 1-5 avatars

2.2.1. Matsya 1st avatar fish

2.2.2. Kurma 2nd avatar turtle

2.2.3. Varaha 3rd avatar boar

2.2.4. Narasingha 4th avatar lion

2.2.5. Vamana 5th avatar dwarf

2.3. 6-10 avatars

2.3.1. Parasurama 6th avatar brahma

2.3.2. Rama 7th avatar Ramayana

2.3.3. Krishna 8th avatar Mahabharata

2.3.4. Buddha 9th avatar

2.3.5. Kalki 10th avatar

2.4. General info

2.4.1. Vishnu may have had more and 10 is an estimate

3. worshippers

3.1. Vishnavas

3.1.1. Devoted to Vishnu and all of his avatars they worship Vishnu in his supreme form.

3.1.2. largest group in India

3.1.3. Their beliefs gods had six special qualities knowledge power supreme majesty supreme strength unlimited energy self sufficiency

4. General

4.1. Major God in Hinduism

4.1.1. popular deity

4.1.2. widely worshipped

4.2. Preserver of the universe

4.2.1. represented goodness and mercy

4.3. name

4.3.1. comes from Sankrit root "vish" means to pervade

4.3.2. if you say it one tousand times it brings good luck

4.4. consort

4.4.1. Lackshmi Goddess of wealth and fortune she appears with all of Vishnu's incarnations

4.5. supreme form

4.5.1. Ishnara

4.6. How he gets around

4.6.1. Garuda Kite like bird symbolizes sky and sun

5. Visual

5.1. four arms

5.1.1. all hold different things club conch shell Shankha lotus discus

5.2. drawn as a dark man

5.2.1. blue

5.3. dressed in yellow robe

5.3.1. called Pitanbara

5.4. drawn as...

5.4.1. sleeping on ocean waves

5.4.2. or standing and pointing in all directions

6. bibliography

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