Brittany Bottiglieri

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Brittany Bottiglieri by Mind Map: Brittany Bottiglieri

1. Family

1.1. Dad

1.1.1. Born on August 28th

1.2. Mom

1.2.1. Born on May 5th and is now 42

1.3. Geena

1.3.1. She moved out to live with someone else

1.4. Heather

1.4.1. My second oldest sister and is 18 years old

1.5. Billy

1.5.1. My little bother and is in 7th grade

1.6. Matthew

1.6.1. My littlest brother and is in 2sd grade at Whitman

2. Friends

2.1. Anna

2.1.1. We became friends in 8th grade and have already been through so much

2.2. Joe

2.2.1. He moved here over the summer and is now my best guy friend

2.3. Taylor

2.3.1. She became my friend in 8th grade

2.4. Kaitlyn

2.4.1. She move to Township in 6th grade and lives 4 houses down from me

3. Goals

3.1. Getting good grades

3.2. Getting through high school

3.2.1. Passing with all A's and B's

3.2.2. Graduating with everything that is excepted for a great college

3.3. Going to college

3.3.1. First Gloster County College

3.3.2. Then down to Florida for my major classes

3.4. Getting a good paying job

3.4.1. A cop

3.4.2. A lawyer

3.5. Getting over some of my fears

3.5.1. Being afraid of hieghts

3.5.2. Going to be on my own

4. Activities I like to do

4.1. Play basket ball

4.1.1. Not on a team

4.1.2. I mainly play with my little brother Billy

4.2. Play Field Hockey

4.2.1. I've been playing for three years

4.2.2. I'm going to try to do it during high school

4.3. Swimming in my pool

4.3.1. my pool is above ground

4.3.2. I love to going swimming all summer long

4.4. Going on bike rides

4.4.1. I go on bike rides mainly with my brothers and sister

4.4.2. We go all over my nieghborhood

4.5. Read books

4.5.1. My right now finishing the Twilight series

4.5.2. After I'm done the Twilight books I'm going to read all the Hunger Games books

4.6. Go on my trampoline

4.6.1. My brother got the trampoline for Christmas last year

4.6.2. I use to have one before i moved to Township, but my dad didn't want to bring it with us.

4.7. Shopping

4.7.1. I got to the mall every Friday with my friends and try to go shopping there as much as we can

4.7.2. Sometimes when my sister doesn't have work she will take me out to go shopping with her

5. Favorite animals

5.1. Pigs

5.1.1. They have always been my favorite animal even when i was a little girl

5.1.2. I like them because they are pink

5.2. Tigers

5.2.1. I love tigers because they are fierce and defend themselves

5.3. House cats

5.3.1. I love house cats because they are cute and playful and there not as rough as a dog

5.3.2. I don't own a cat anymore

5.4. Elephants

5.4.1. I like elephants because they are so big and different from any other animal

5.5. Little monkeys

5.5.1. Monkeys are very funny and cute

5.6. birds

5.6.1. I like birds because they can fly and its like they are always trying to talk to you

6. Strength

6.1. Controlling of temper

6.1.1. only sometimes though

6.2. Smart

6.2.1. I always read books to help me learn and understand unfamiliar words

6.2.2. When it comes to classes i always try my best and try to make myself stand out as a great student

6.3. Easy going

6.3.1. When ever me and my friends want to make plans they always ask me where do I want to go normally i just let them pick because i know i will have fun with them any where

6.3.2. For me somethings just don't matter