The Chishti and Jerrahi Orders of Sufism were shaped by the Beliefs, arts, religion and environme...

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The Chishti and Jerrahi Orders of Sufism were shaped by the Beliefs, arts, religion and environment in which they matured. by Mind Map: The Chishti and Jerrahi Orders of Sufism were shaped by the Beliefs, arts, religion and environment in which they matured.

1. Different orders of sufism worship in different manners depending on the way they believe one becomes closer to God. (this section is entirely from observation)

1.1. Mevlevi(from personal knowledge)

1.1.1. Whirling dervishes

1.2. Chishti order

1.2.1. Sufi order International Quiet personal prayer directed by leader lots of thought discussion subtlty Observed practice discussion Directed imagination Ellemental breaths Internal prayer Wazifa

1.3. Jerrahi order

1.3.1. music

1.3.2. energetic

1.3.3. dance

1.3.4. chanting Hu Allah ho akbar

1.3.5. loud

1.3.6. Drumming

1.3.7. directed by leader

1.3.8. Hand taking ceremony 4 steps There back Welcoming to each stage New vision mountain hand of god hand of Muhamad Sheapheard Mariage with Allah

2. Different orders of sufism are differnt in part becouse of the people who rose to lead them through out their historys.

2.1. Chishti Order(constructed from an interview with Barbara Jeanne Tomlinson)

2.1.1. Sufi Order International First to west Adapted heavily treatment toward women hazrat Inayat Kahn Pir Vilayat Inayat kahn

2.2. Jerrahi (constructed from an interview with Johnathon Sprague)

2.2.1. Sheikh Muzaffar introduced Kindred spirits

2.2.2. 25 years ago

2.2.3. Lex Hicksan Many religions Sufism Budism Christianity

2.2.4. Shakah Fariah Some Turkish practicioners object Shakah Amina

2.3. Women leaders in america

3. Different orders of sufism are extremly different depending on where they originated.(this branch is from 2 informal interviews with members of each of the groups i visited)

3.1. Jarrahi Order

3.1.1. Turkey later migration to west Energy Music chanting drumming

3.2. Chishti order

3.2.1. sufi order International Migrated to west Dzikr Arabic Poetic roots

3.2.2. Afganistan

3.2.3. Many branches

4. Some orders of sufism are more closly tied to Islam than others because of many sociocultural factors.

4.1. Jerrahi Order (this branch is constructed from an interview with John spague, a member of the Jerrahi order)

4.1.1. Closer to Islam

4.1.2. Daily practices Tas beads Fatyha Wierd chants Allah Hu Dzikr

4.2. Chishti Order

4.2.1. sufi order of the west (this branch is constructed with the help of a discussion i had with the group i visited after the Dzikr i observed) Less traditional Pir Valayat Adapted for west treatment of women Still more like islam "Sufis in the middle east often have less respect for SOI members"-Anonymous member of the Sufi Order International

5. There are many universal aspects of sufism (this is constructed from interviews observation and background research)

5.1. Being Kind

5.1.1. Hospitality

5.1.2. Acceptance

5.1.3. whole heartedness

5.1.4. kindness to others Mark of someone on the path

5.1.5. Adab

5.2. Dzikr

5.2.1. Remembrance of god

5.2.2. fikr fikr asir Silently On breath

5.2.3. Aloud

5.3. names of god

5.3.1. 99

5.3.2. Parvardigar

5.3.3. Hu

5.3.4. Attributes of god Purity lgiht eternalness holyness compassion ect.

5.4. Levels of self

5.4.1. Nafs Animal self peacefull self inspired self pleased pleasing self Pure self

5.5. Experiential

5.5.1. " Sufism is the difference between tasting the honey and seeing the honey"

5.6. "sufism is a way for individuals to have a personal relationship with god" -Barbara Jeanne Tomlinson

6. The connections and differences between the Sufi Order International and the Jerrahi order are diverse and interesting.(this branch is constructed from a combination of observation and an informal Q and A with a member of the Sufi Order International and background knowledge)

6.1. General info

6.1.1. Leader of entire order Sheik Shakah Pir Local Regional Leader Personal Center leader Personal guide

6.1.2. Initiates Mureed Dervish

6.1.3. Initially derived from Islam

6.1.4. Different orders Chishti Jerrahi Mevlevi