Touhou Project

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Touhou Project by Mind Map: Touhou Project

1. official

1.1. History

1.1.1. PC-98 university gaming club games game one game two game four

1.1.2. shift to windows series reboot Team Shanghai Alice

1.2. gameplay

1.2.1. danmaku in general "bullet hell" top scrolling midboss and boss excuse plot focus graze

1.2.2. unique to touhou spell card system special named attacks completion methods allows phases of boss battle to be referred to by name spell card practice mode music synced to stage

1.3. lore

1.3.1. Gensokyo species humans youkai goddesses locations Hakurei Shrine Scarlet Devil Mansion Netherworld Moriya Shrine Eientei

1.3.2. "Outside" humans who end up in Gensokyo generally lost often eaten by youkai Maribel and Renko alternate continuity connection to Reimu and Yukari borders

1.4. art

1.4.1. girls only exceptions cloud turtle shopkeeper in manga possibly some characters in first game

1.4.2. quality main game art awful hats fighting game art better looking done by other people

1.5. music

1.5.1. riffs from classical pieces

1.5.2. sound fonts

2. ZUN

2.1. Team Shanghai Alice

2.1.1. the only member of TSA

2.1.2. does everything no seriously all of it

2.1.3. kannushi person responsible for a shrine

2.2. personal life

2.2.1. Ota Junya

2.2.2. jokes about drunkenness writes monthly magazine column about beer made game with friends about drinking

2.2.3. marriage his wife is cute

3. fandom

3.1. huge

3.1.1. attendance at Comiket

3.1.2. Reitaisai

3.2. music remixes

3.2.1. IOSYS Cirno's Perfect Math Class UN Owen Was Her "McRoll" Marisa Stole the Precious Thing

3.2.2. Alstroemeria Records Bad Apple!

3.2.3. REDALiCE


3.2.5. TAMUSIC

3.2.6. Silver Forest

3.2.7. EastNewSound

3.3. doujin manga

3.3.1. semi-official Seasonal Dream Vision Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red Perfect Memento in Strict Sense The Grimoire of Marisa Symposium of Post-Mysticism

3.3.2. tons of adult works which cannot be mentioned here

3.3.3. a lot of other stuff

3.4. doujin games

3.4.1. Danmakufu create your own touhou-style danmaku games spell cards, non-spells, characters

3.4.2. Concealed the Conclusion

3.4.3. characters for MUGEN

3.4.4. MegaMari

3.4.5. Touhou Pocket Wars

3.4.6. Touhou Puppet Play touhoumon or moemon ROM hack of Pokemon FireRed

3.4.7. "For Busy Person" series

3.5. yukkuri

3.5.1. shift-jis art

3.5.2. take it easy

3.5.3. 2ch popularity

3.6. restrictions on fanworks

3.6.1. no unauthorized commercial work

3.6.2. no spoiling endings