Chinese Rights Activists

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Chinese Rights Activists by Mind Map: Chinese Rights Activists

1. Head appearance

1.1. They wore pigtails and unfamiliar clothings

2. Clothing for the chinese

2.1. They had a habit of walking around barefoot and carrying a bamboo on their shoulder

3. Why were Chinese treated with racisim and abused on the goldfields?

3.1. Chinese discovered gold in areas where Europeans had mined.

3.2. They arrived in huge numbers in Australia

3.3. Europeans couldn't unnderstand Chinese cultures and religions, so they feared them.

4. When Chinese came to Australia they brought....

4.1. cooked food

4.2. vegetables

4.3. technology

4.4. Art and culture

4.5. herbal medicine

4.6. Heathers

5. Why were chinese criticised on the goldfields?

5.1. Europeans thought chinese labourersstole their jobs

5.2. Chinese were stashing gold back to china rather than spending it in Australia.

5.3. Europeans thought that the Chinese were stealing gold

5.4. Europeans thought that Chinese were Idol worshippers

5.5. For introducing opium smoking

6. Why were the chinese charged?

6.1. Ship owners had to pay 10 pounds for every chinese person on board.

6.1.1. Since Chinese were charged, this made less ships arrived in the goldfields.

6.2. Victorian MP's made the chinese pay 1 pound on the goldfields.

7. How the Chinese worked

7.1. The Chinese worked in large, organised groups

8. Equipment

8.1. Bamboo sticks

8.2. Round shaped hat to cool themselves in hot weather