Writing on Medium The First 15 Hours

Learn the skill of Writing on Medium in 15 hours

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Writing on Medium The First 15 Hours by Mind Map: Writing on Medium The First 15 Hours

1. Prepare

1.1. Gather as much information as you can

1.2. Start with Collection: Must Read

1.3. Subscribe to Zulie Rane's channel on YouTube

1.4. Follow the Medium Meister publication

1.5. Read at least a few stories on Medium

2. Practice

2.1. Spend about 9 hours writing and editing

2.1.1. Don't overthink it

2.2. Write about anything that inspires you and that you're good in

2.2.1. Think about how it can help the reader

2.3. Write about your experience and back it up with external links

2.4. Have someone else read your article

2.4.1. They'll find the synthax errors and occasional typos

2.4.2. Put your text through a tool like Grammarly Write an article in one sitting and then edit in another

2.5. Keep it simple and update your article(s) to make them as "clean" as possible

2.6. Write 9 articles in 9 days

2.6.1. To get better, you have to write more

3. Ponder

3.1. Ponder on the usual questions:

3.1.1. What went right?

3.1.2. What went wrong?

3.1.3. How can I improve?

3.2. Look into your Medium stats:

3.2.1. Is there a topic that worked better? Is that something you're interesting in writing more about?

3.2.2. Are your stats higher or lower than what you expected? Why do you think that is?

3.3. What did you hope to accomplish in 15 hours?

3.3.1. Did you succeed?

3.3.2. How would you rate your success on a scale of 0-10?

3.4. How do you want to proceed going forward?

3.4.1. Do you want to keep writing? Why do you want to continue? How do you think you can improve going forward? What do you hope to gain out of pursuing this skill?

3.4.2. Do you want to stop?

3.4.3. Do you want to take it to the next level?

4. Expectations

4.1. Understand everything about publications

4.2. Understand everything about tags

4.3. Understand the claps system

4.4. Format your stories properly

4.5. Write headlines readers click

4.6. Write a few short stories

4.7. Make money