The Road Not Taken BY ROBERT FROST

about the poem

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The Road Not Taken BY ROBERT FROST by Mind Map: The Road Not Taken   BY ROBERT FROST

1. Imaginary

1.1. Imagine the forest and the paths, it wouldn't makes sense that the narrator was indecisive about choosing a certain path. Because both of the paths were said to be not trodden, the reader can also understand that in the end, the narrator will lie to people by telling them that he "took the one less traveled by".

2. Form

2.1. Has five line every stanza

2.2. Have four stanza

3. Author Purpose

3.1. the poet tell about the two path that we can choose when we travel or doing something but the poet choose to turn back

4. Sound

4.1. Rhyme

4.1.1. Stanza 1: ABAAB Stanza 2: CDCCD Stanza 3: EFEEF Stanza 4: GHGGH

4.2. Repetition

4.2.1. Stanza 4, Line 2 “Somewhere ages and ages hence”

4.3. Alliteration

4.3.1. Stanza 2,line 3 Because it was grassy and wanted wear

4.3.2. Stanza 3, line 3 Oh,I kept the first for another day!

5. Rhythm

5.1. Slow

5.2. because the poet calm and think which road the poet will use