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Maksymilian Napierkowski by Mind Map: Maksymilian Napierkowski
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Maksymilian Napierkowski

Born Warsaw 1925 Escaped from Poland via France in 1940 In 2008 he is 83 years old

Max Napier

When he arrives in Liverpool he is afraid that his past will catch up with him so he shortens his name

Wife - Rosie

Son - John (Jan)

Daughter in Law - Caroline

Grandson- Dom (Dominik)

The Napierkowskis

Family Mother Father Brother Marek Brother Pawel Sister Anka  


Brother Marek

Brother - Pawel

Sister - Anka

Poland- 1939

Ma'x brothers join the Army but afetr the defeat of Warsaw they return to the farm and set up a resistance movement in the forest.  Max is only 15 and against his Mother's wishes he joins them. After his sister is raped he kills the rapist and escapes across Europe to get away from the local police 

Family farm outside Warsaw

At the start of the War Max is still at school - he's considered a quiet shy academic boy

Liverpool1940 - 1965

Sailed from St Jean de Luz in June 1940. Landed in Plymouth and then travels up to Liverpool to Join the Army in Liverpool (Aintree Race course) Meets Rosie's Dad when he runs away from Aintree - gtes a job as Tommy's 'Minder'  

Attacked in Army camp

Starts working for Tommy

Marries Rosie

Becomes more important to the firm

London 1965 - 2008

Early 60's (65?) Tommy agrees that Max should set up his own business in London.  He moves down with Rosie and the baby to Limehouse.  When he starts making money he wants to turn 'respectable' and buys a large house in the suburbs of Chingford.



New baby

Capital of Culture - Liverpool 08

This will be the start of the story.  Dom is going to meet Max for dinner when he finds out that his next patient is his grandfather.

Travels up for the CofC events

Grandson Dom is a medical student in the city

Has a massive stroke

Napier Construction

Max's company

contract to build social housing in the East End

Wants to get involved with the Docklands regineration

Financial problems in the recession in the 70's

Wins contracts for the new Canary Wharf

Eventually John takes the reigns

Other Characters

Rosie's Parents Tommy and Treasa

Driver - JIm


Dom should be the anchor that holds the story together - his investigations into his family tree will mirror Max's story as he drifts in and out of Consciousness