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Eportfolio conference 2011 day 2 by Mind Map: Eportfolio conference 2011 day 2
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Eportfolio conference 2011 day 2

Terrel L Rhodes

Talk title: The proof is in the portfolio - an architecture of the hood the bad and the ugly

Teachers can no longer teach all knowledge, its doubling every two years

What employers look for in graduates

Eportfolios are a perfect medium for capturing evidence of these skills in the 21st century

Courses on topics loosing effectiveness e.g. course on writing, ethics etc - make it real and repeat it. Engage with topic in real unscripted world.

What helps deepen knowledge? Listening, writing, Revisiting, relaying, teaching in that order

Value rubrics

What should students be able to do as graduates of our schools and colleges? These are the capstone capabilities, then work back to where students are when they come in and then work out how to get there.

Employer versus faculty: Faculty and student evaluations of portfolios demonstrating critical thinking skills were shown to be similar 4 on 0-6 scale, but employers looked at same portfolos and scored around 2 for various skills in critical thinking

Aacu has developed rubrics around portfolio use

Students need to know what we expect when we hand assessment items to them, and give them the skills to complete it.

Eportfolios help students new to an insitution represent themselves.

Implementing a portfolio system: Start with where your students are, where they need to be, and then use your portfolio strategically - starting campus wide is not the right thing to do - start with where there is a logical and natural fit.

Focus on why and what should be learned, help them with the how.

Ruth Wallace - CDU

Assessment tasks ask students to do make/apply learning in the real world, multiple audiences, academic get to see it too model. This has a positive impact on learning and quality of assessment items.

Carole McCulloch

Google Mightybell

Mooc . Massive open online conference for epcop

11:30 am, Paula Williams & Natalie Gamble

ACU Health Sciences

Wendy Warren, 12 noon

First year teacher education and eportfolios

Students had to draw a map of their own literacies and those of their children (together) they were teaching

12:30 - eportfolios in textile design

Drawing, translate to fabrics, take a photo, not that good dont look at it

Teaching style is inclusive and use social networking such ad blogs and facebook.

Why use an eportfolio

Master class - eportfolios and integration a planning approach - kathleen blake

University of massachusetts

Units on offer not created as a unified well oikled machine - in reality units developed seperately etc

Staff could complete form for themselves but not their students - the had no idea what the students extra curricular activities were.

Students love mapping activites

Learning is a process of meaning making, and is a social process - and socialy constructed.

Getting students peer reviewing past portfolios is a great way of getting them into portfolio use.

Kathleens summing up of conf

Total success

Lovely people and experience

Have affection for reflection, 4rs, global, but designed for individual contexts

Impressed and intrigued by genuine questions raised

Interrupts the normal flow of education and is a disruptive technology

How to promote self efficacy for students - portfolios directly do that

Avoid mismatch between task, assessment, and portfolio

Interest and concern about deep learning showed up again and again