Changemakers mindmap

Mindmap for changemakers

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Changemakers mindmap by Mind Map: Changemakers mindmap

1. Innovation

1.1. Agriculture, Industrial revolutions, Information age

1.1.1. Human life generally getting better Future AI doing jobs potentially displacing humans Society 5.0

1.2. Kondratiev Wave Theory

1.3. Creativity

1.3.1. Passion Idea generation Market Analysis

2. Who am I?

2.1. How I see myself

2.1.1. How people see me

2.2. Creatve confidence

2.2.1. The Creativity myth Do schools kill creativity?: yes Creativity leads to innovation

2.2.2. The importance of creativity Don't be afraid to fail

3. The problem: Climate change

3.1. Do we need all the things we use

3.1.1. Environmental footprint

4. Changemakers

4.1. The circular economy

4.1.1. sustainability

4.2. Power in collective action

5. Finding your values

5.1. Small values

5.1.1. What are your values Finalise your values