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The bigger picture by Mind Map: The bigger picture
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The bigger picture

Bretton Woods II


Watergate Scandal

Decoupling from gold standard


October Surprise, Hostage Crisis, Oil embargo

Stanfield Turner, Fired 3000 CIA agents, MK ULTRA

Bush Sr.

In Dallas for JFK assassination

Former CIA director

Skull & Bones

Reagan, Shot by Hinckley, Bush family friend, Supported LaRouche's SDI, Wife believed in astrology, Strong opponent of Bush Sr.

"New World Order" speech


Two three way races



Class of 1925

William Truesdale Bissell

Brother of Richard M. Bissell, Jr.

September 11th 2001

Bush Sr delivered NWO speech exactly ten years before 9/11.


Larry Silverstein, Purchased Chicago's Sears Tower

The War on terror

The War on drugs


Russell Trust, Funds Skull & Bones, Funds many colleges NEEDS EDIT, Columbia, Abiel Abbott Low (1811-93), his opium fortune financed the construction of the Columbia University New York City campus; father of Columbia’s president Seth Low., Princeton, John Cleve Green (1800-75): married to Sarah Griswold, opium profits financing three Princeton buildings and four professorships; trustee of the Princeton Theological Seminary for 25 years., Joseph Coolidge, Augustine Heard (1785-1868), ship captain and pioneer U.S. opium smuggler, Grandson Archibald Cary Coolidge, founding executive officer of the Anglo-Americans’ Council on Foreign Relations, Warren Delano, Grandson is FDR, Russell Sturgis, Grandson Russell Sturgis, Chairman of Baring Bank of England, Financiers of Opium Trade






Manufacturing Consent

This is the process through which voters in a democracy have their minds made up for them through media manipulation. It has been going on since around about WW1, and Noam Chomsky has been an excellent resource on the topic for more than 40 years. Check the link for explanation, you will need 2 hours.

Fox News

Shareholders, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Saud

Directors, Roger Ailes


Al-Waleed bin Talal invested $300 million in twitter following the Iranian uprising which utilised twitter in Tehran.



Cambridge University

Edinburgh University

Harvard University


In the film Inside Job, a connection was made between investment banking and the academic world being corrupted by the money. Can we explain this succinctly here using professors as evidence?

The American Revolution

George Washington

Meriwether Lewis, St. Louis Lodge

Louisiana Purchase

Married into Lewis family

Aaron Burr

Treason in America, Chaitkin

VP for Thomas Jefferson, Known Jacobian, Supports French Revolution

Lawyer for Astor family, Financiers of Burr, Granted fur trading monopoly by TJ, Funded pro-slave and abolitionist migration to Missouri territory

Known British intelligence agent

Kills Alexander Hamilton, Creates National Banking system, Sent by Gen. Washington to interrogate participants in Whiskey Rebellion

Benjamin Franklin

How The Nation Was Won, Lowry

Founder of Free & Accepted Masons


Infiltrates Hellfire club in London

Cotton Mather

Skull & Bones

S&B murders Lewis

"They found him wounded and bloody, with part of his skull gone, but he lived for several hours. Priscilla Grinder's testimony is held as a point of contention from both sides of the murder-suicide debate. The murder advocates point to five conflicting testimonies as evidence that hers is fabricated, and the suicide advocates point to her testimony as proof of suicide.[20] The only doctor to examine Lewis' body did so in 1848. He reported that Lewis appeared to have died "by the hand of an assassin". Lewis' descendants have retained the report.[citation needed] When Clark and Jefferson were informed of Lewis' death, both accepted the conclusion of suicide. His mother and relatives contended it was murder. In later years, a court of inquiry explored whether they could charge the husband of the tavern-keeper with Lewis' death. They dropped the inquiry for lack of evidence or motive."

Membership by Class

Alphonso Taft, Class of 1833, Father of William Taft, President that signs 16th amendment

Class of 1837, William M. Evarts, US Secretary of State, Morris R. Waite, US Supreme Court Chief Justice

Daniel Coit Gilman, Class of 1852, Co-Founder of Russell Trust, Founding President of Johns Hopkins

Andrew White, Class of 1853, Founding President of Cornell

1880s, Class of 1888, Henry L. Stimson, US Secretary of War, Taft and Truman, US Secretary of State, Hoover, Irving Fisher, Class of 1888, Founder of American Eugenics Society, Class of 1889, Gifford Pinchot, George W. Woodruff

1910-1919, Class of 1917, Prescott Bush, Roland Harriman, Class of 1918, Robert Lovett, F. Trubee Davison, Artemus Lamb Gates, John Martin Vorys



Make sure you add notes to nodes. Each relationship can be explained in a simple bullet point. Forge relationships between events Always add a good link, if you know of a better link change it. Stay on top of formatting, use large text for large events. Remeber we are trying to connect events together so people have a good understanding, organisation is critical

Hover over for howto

If there's a little document sign, there's a note for you to read. If there's a little arrow sign, there's a link for you to click. When the map is finished, you will be able to extend out two topics, such as "Skull and Bones" and "Banking", or "War on Terror" and "Civil Liberties" and you can see all the connections between the two. If you have something to add, make sure you register and begin to connect the topics together. We need more contributers, don't be afraid to edit other people's work. The point is we need to make connections between events in the real world.

American Political History

US Presidents

American System vs Venetian School, First Hamiltonian System, George Washington, Fderalist, Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Federalist, Supported Hamilton, Treason in America, Thomas Jefferson, Subverted US military, Killed first National Bank, Opposed Louisiana Purchase, Opposed Constitution, Second Hamiltonian System, James Madison, War of 1812, Original 13th amendment, Ally of Hamilton, "Father of Constitution", Federalist Papers, Champion of Bill of Rights, James Monroe, "Era of Good Feelings", Monroe Doctrine, John Quincy Adams, AntiMasonic Party, Strong Nationalist, Leader of abolitionist movement, Treason in America, Andrew Jackson, Scottish Rite Freemason, Put into office by Aaron Burr, Killed second national bank, Executive Order withdrew US national deposits, Jackson did not have Congressional support for his antiHamiltonian policies, Martin Van Buren, English was not first language, Strong ally of Jackson, Secretary of State, Prominent in second wave of party politics, Rejected annexation of Texas, Major role in Burr's New York machine, Third Hamiltonian System, Abraham Lincoln, Assassinated, Hamiltonian Economics, Garfield, Assassinated, Hamiltonian Economics, McKinley, Assassinated, Hamiltonian Economics

Skull & Bones Era, Treason in America, Theodore Roosevelt, Anglophile, National Park System, Eugenics, Taft, 16th amendment, Skull and Bones, Wilson, Federal Reserve, Hoover, Austerity, WW1 bubble, Fourth Hamiltonian System, Franklin Roosevelt, Assassinated, Hamiltonian Economics, New Deal, Highways, Public Works Administration, Social Security, Bretton Woods, Truman, 33rd degree Freemason, Killed economic development, Nuked Japan, Eisenhower, Highways, Strong support of veteran education, CIA, Beginnings of UFO movement, Rampant Domestic Black Ops, Military-Industrial Complex, John Kennedy, Assassinated, Hamiltonian Economics, Post 9/11, Bush Jr., 9/11, "Angel is next", War on Terror, Resumption of Opium trade, Clash of Civilizations planned in advance, Obama, Third generation CIA, Recruited by Brzezinski