The bigger picture

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The bigger picture by Mind Map: The bigger picture

1. Roger Ailes

2. Bretton Woods II

2.1. Nixon

2.1.1. Watergate Scandal

2.1.2. Decoupling from gold standard

2.2. Carter

2.2.1. October Surprise Hostage Crisis Oil embargo

2.2.2. Stanfield Turner Fired 3000 CIA agents MK ULTRA

2.3. Bush Sr.

2.3.1. In Dallas for JFK assassination

2.3.2. Former CIA director

2.3.3. Skull & Bones

2.3.4. Reagan Shot by Hinckley, Bush family friend Supported LaRouche's SDI Wife believed in astrology Strong opponent of Bush Sr.

2.3.5. "New World Order" speech

2.4. Clinton

2.4.1. Two three way races

2.4.2. NAFTA

2.4.3. Glass-Steagall

3. Class of 1925

3.1. William Truesdale Bissell

3.1.1. Brother of Richard M. Bissell, Jr.

4. September 11th 2001

4.1. Bush Sr delivered NWO speech exactly ten years before 9/11.

4.2. WTC7

4.2.1. Larry Silverstein Purchased Chicago's Sears Tower

5. The War on terror

6. The War on drugs

6.1. OPIUM

6.1.1. Russell Trust Funds Skull & Bones Funds many colleges NEEDS EDIT Columbia Princeton Joseph Coolidge Augustine Heard (1785-1868) ship captain and pioneer U.S. opium smuggler Grandson Archibald Cary Coolidge Warren Delano Grandson is FDR Russell Sturgis Grandson Russell Sturgis

7. Bilderberg

8. Banking

8.1. CitiBank

8.2. Rothschilds

8.3. Morgans

9. Manufacturing Consent

9.1. Fox News

9.1.1. Shareholders Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Saud

9.1.2. Twitter

9.1.3. Directors

10. Education

10.1. Funding

10.1.1. Cambridge University

10.1.2. Edinburgh University

10.1.3. Harvard University

10.2. Economics

11. The American Revolution

11.1. George Washington

11.1.1. Meriwether Lewis, St. Louis Lodge

11.1.2. Louisiana Purchase

11.1.3. Married into Lewis family

11.2. Aaron Burr

11.2.1. VP for Thomas Jefferson Known Jacobian Supports French Revolution

11.2.2. Lawyer for Astor family Financiers of Burr Granted fur trading monopoly by TJ Funded pro-slave and abolitionist migration to Missouri territory

11.2.3. Known British intelligence agent

11.2.4. Kills Alexander Hamilton Creates National Banking system Sent by Gen. Washington to interrogate participants in Whiskey Rebellion

11.3. Benjamin Franklin

11.3.1. Founder of Free & Accepted Masons

11.3.2. Winthrops

11.3.3. Infiltrates Hellfire club in London

11.3.4. Cotton Mather

12. Skull & Bones

12.1. S&B murders Lewis

12.2. Membership by Class

12.2.1. Alphonso Taft, Class of 1833 Father of William Taft President that signs 16th amendment

12.2.2. Class of 1837 William M. Evarts US Secretary of State Morris R. Waite US Supreme Court Chief Justice

12.2.3. Daniel Coit Gilman, Class of 1852 Co-Founder of Russell Trust Founding President of Johns Hopkins

12.2.4. Andrew White, Class of 1853 Founding President of Cornell

12.2.5. 1880s Class of 1888 Henry L. Stimson Class of 1889 Gifford Pinchot George W. Woodruff Irving Fisher, Class of 1888 Founder of American Eugenics Society

12.2.6. 1910-1919 Class of 1917 Prescott Bush Class of 1918 Robert Lovett F. Trubee Davison Artemus Lamb Gates John Martin Vorys

12.2.7. 1920s


14. Hover over for howto

15. American Political History

15.1. US Presidents

15.1.1. American System vs Venetian School First Hamiltonian System George Washington John Adams Treason in America Thomas Jefferson Second Hamiltonian System James Madison James Monroe John Quincy Adams Treason in America Andrew Jackson Martin Van Buren Third Hamiltonian System Abraham Lincoln Garfield McKinley

15.1.2. Skull & Bones Era Treason in America Theodore Roosevelt Taft Wilson Hoover Fourth Hamiltonian System Franklin Roosevelt Truman Eisenhower John Kennedy Post 9/11 Bush Jr. Obama