W3C planning sessions .... Washington, DC March 11 - 12 (#w3cegov)

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W3C planning sessions .... Washington, DC March 11 - 12 (#w3cegov) by Mind Map: W3C planning sessions .... Washington, DC March 11 - 12 (#w3cegov)

1. Micro blogging at: http://Twitter.com/PoliticiansTV

2. How can we talk social policy using social media?

3. Politicians are scared of the idea of microblogging ... blogging

4. Are we entering an era to surrender control to "regain" public trust?

5. What are the basic training that you can give or get for SN?

6. w3 consortium will work with developing nations. This is a new group and will work with access issues etc.

7. We need better maps using XML schemes to better bridge communication.

8. Describing Taxonamies / common Data se.

9. Must be providing valid xHTML

10. White House . gov - Does not hold copyrite to their own work.

11. Data must be human readable and machine processable

11.1. (validated)

12. How can we engage this transparency? What are the cultural issue? Political?

12.1. We will need to take risks - the pace of change makes what the politicians are doing as obsolete .. How can we adapt?

12.2. Culture change: "If they can do that, why can't we?" We need to expose our issues and information and share experiences. Provoke conversation.

12.3. A member of Congress is an officer and has 10-20 people working for him.Gov. needs to better explain roles and rules .. Why can they not do this or that ...

13. The future of Social Networking ... w3c met in Barcelona, Spain. They have built an incubator group to study these issues.

13.1. Open ID: What are the issues within gov. about this?

14. Why are we here? Participation and citizen engagement ... Open Government Data ... multi-channel delivery ... Interoperability ... Identification and Authentication ... Long term data management ... formulate second year of group efforts / work

14.1. w3c is looking at Gov data specifically ...

15. How much of this standards discussion is "reaching for the stars?"

15.1. blogging is dropping off as microblogging takes root ... where is communication going ?

16. PoliticiansTVRT: @citizencontact #w3cegov OpenID should not be required for comment, but for transactions eg forms #GPEA but advocacy NGO differ

17. enabling transparency