Zombie Survival Academy Advisory Unit Map

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Zombie Survival Academy Advisory Unit Map by Mind Map: Zombie Survival Academy Advisory Unit Map

1. (ER) Empirical Reasoning

1.1. Magnification and Teloscopy

1.1.1. Astronomy/Constellations/Navigation Spectroscopy Radiation, Light Waves, and ElectroMagnetic Spectrum

1.1.2. The Microscope and it's Uses

1.2. Universal Timeline (UT)

1.2.1. Big Bang Theory vs. Creation Stories

1.2.2. Formation of Galaxies/Milky Way/Comparison

1.2.3. Formation of our Solar System New node

1.2.4. Apocaylptic Scenarios and Universal Collapse Theories Ultimate Reality and the Unknowable Rapture/Biblical Big Bounce/Freezze/

1.2.5. Planet Earth-Early Formation, Components, and Early Life Solar Systemic Variety Early Earth Substances and Surfaces Tectonic Shifts

1.2.6. New node

1.3. Ecological Field Experiences

1.3.1. Ocean/Bay/Rivers/Streams Oyster Studies and Rehabilitation Oyster Shell Recycling and Reef Restoration Office and Laboratory Service Volunteering Beavertail Park in Jamestown Woonasquatucket River Watershed/River Rangers Volunteer River and Stream Monitoring

1.3.2. Forest, Field, and Farm Francis C Carter Preserve Outdoor Classroom Francis C Carter Bow Hunter Incentive Program

1.3.3. Stone, Rock, Sand, Mineral, Ore, Gem, and Earth Purgatory Chasm Lincoln Woods

1.3.4. Flora and Fauna ID Wood Burls

1.4. Zombies Vs. Humans (ZVH)

1.4.1. Biology and Human Anatomy Life and Death and the Undead Systems of the Human Body Digestive Respiratory Nervous Integumentary Musculoskeletal Immune Reproductive Endocrine Lymphatic Urinary Infectious Disease/Causes of Zombiesm Patient Zero

1.4.2. Ballistic Physics

1.4.3. Zombie Chemistry/Causes Zombie Chemicals Brain Parasites Toxins-Neurotoxins Viruses-Rage Virus Stem Cell/Neurogenesis Nanobots Bacteria

1.4.4. The Brain Luminosity Brain Training Brain Diagram-Sections of the Brain

1.4.5. The Cell Structure DNA/Genetics Mitochondria

2. (QR) Quantitative Reasoning

2.1. Zombie Math (ZM) (Arithmetic Skills applied in word problems)

2.1.1. Earth, Food, and Human Impact Related Assessing Farming Efficiency

2.2. Universal Timeline

2.2.1. Exponential Distance Calcuations

3. (PQ/HW) Personal Qualities/Health and Wellness

3.1. Physical Health

3.1.1. Nutrition/Diet

3.1.2. Exercise Cardio./Endurance Balance Stretching and Strengthening

3.2. Personal Health

3.2.1. Breathing and Meditaton Breathe Your Way to Safety (Lesson 1)

3.3. New node

4. Universal Timeline

4.1. Universal Timeline (UT) Content by date

4.1.1. Big Bang Theory vs. Creation Stories

4.1.2. Formation of Galaxies/Milky Way/Comparison

4.1.3. Formation of our Solar System New node

4.1.4. Apocaylptic Scenarios and Universal Collapse Theories

4.1.5. Planet Earth-Early Formation, Components, and Early Life

4.1.6. Geology and Evolution of Life on the Planet

4.2. Universal Timeline Content by Learning Goal

4.2.1. ER Big Bang Theory, Formation of Stellar Bodies, Planet Earth, Evolution, Scientific Knowledge

4.2.2. SR Evolution of Human Lifestyles ("Primitive-Civilized") and Log of Recorded Possible Zombie Outbreaks

4.2.3. QR Universal Scale of Time-Calculations

4.2.4. CO Development of Language

5. (ZS) Zombie Survivalism

5.1. Zombies Vs Humans (ZvH)

5.1.1. First Aid Vital Signs Personal Academic Blog Maintenance

5.1.2. Shelter Living Forest Communities

5.1.3. Water

5.1.4. Food Nutritional Needs Farming Industrial Traditional Family Farming Urban Farming Collaboratives Forest Farming Hunting/Fishing Animal Husbandry Gathering

5.1.5. Individual and Group

5.1.6. Silence and Communication

5.1.7. Knives and Sharp Tool Safety

5.1.8. Archery Safety Use Manufacture Traditional/Wooden Improvised/PVC

5.1.9. Knots

5.1.10. Mental/Visual Awareness and Spatial Cognition

5.1.11. Flora and Fauna ID and Uses

6. Links and Files

7. (SR) Social Reasoning

7.1. Zombies Vs. Humans

7.1.1. Historical Zombiesm

7.1.2. Philosophical Zombiesm Metacognition Existentialism and Transcendentalism Western Philosphy Socrates and the Unexamined Life Overall History of Western Philosophy Quietism and Wittgenstein Eastern Philosphy Critical Theory

7.1.3. Political Zombiesm Cash Zombies Newt Gingrich $ = Speech

7.1.4. Psycho-Social Zombiesm Consumerism Obedience

7.2. Universal Timeline (UT)-Geology

7.2.1. History of Tectonic movement on Planet Earth

7.2.2. Ice Ages and Pre-History-Theories and Evidence

7.3. Universal Timeline (UT)-Humanity, Society, and Civilization

7.3.1. Early Human Life

7.3.2. Agrarian Society

7.3.3. New node

8. (CO) Communications

8.1. Survival Literature

8.1.1. Fiction Novels/Novellas The Hunger Games Short Stories Poetry/Prose/Essays Graphic Novels

8.1.2. Non-Fiction Informational/How To Articles/Essays Books/Biographies Walden

8.2. Digital Communication

8.2.1. Blog/Web Design Personal Academic Blog Maintenance

8.2.2. Email and Information Proficiency

8.2.3. Audio/Visual Digital Creation

8.3. Spanish Language Development

8.3.1. Written

8.3.2. Spoken

8.3.3. Read

8.3.4. Performative

8.4. Public Speaking

8.4.1. Daily and Weekly practice activities

8.4.2. Exhibitions and Public Presentations

8.5. Written Communication

8.5.1. Weekly Summary Letters

8.5.2. Essays This I Believe Traditional Zombie Style-Reasons for Living The Believing Game

9. Advisory Unit Timeline

9.1. Year 1

9.1.1. Trimester 1

9.1.2. Trimester 2

9.1.3. Trimester 3 Oyster Shell Recycling and Reef Work New node

9.2. Year 2

9.2.1. Trimester 1

9.2.2. Trimester 2

9.2.3. Trimester 3

10. Unit and Lesson Description Formats

10.1. Unit/SubUnit Description Format

10.1.1. Lesson Description Format

11. Map of the Wold as we Know It

11.1. Zombie Outbreaks

11.2. Contextualized Academic Content

11.3. Routes of Human Migration and Evolution

11.4. Possible geographic locations of students' heritages