Life on the Goldfields

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Life on the Goldfields by Mind Map: Life on the Goldfields

1. Homes

1.1. Miners lived in slab huts or canvas tents,humpies, or built cottages. The wealthy lived in grand stone houses.

2. Children's lives

2.1. Children's parents travelled alot, so they had to change schools, but since there weren't many schools children didn't always have a school to go to.

2.2. Children were expected to do household chores or mine for gold.

3. Sicknesses

3.1. Dysentery and typhus were some of the most common sicknesses on the goldfields.

4. Schooling

4.1. Teachers at schools were untrained and not many schools had been built, so students received very little education.

5. Adults' lives

5.1. Adults' lives were harsh and tough on the golfields. The taxes and fees were expensive, the days were hot, and gold was scarcely found.

6. Jobs

6.1. On the goldfields there were many jobs such as butchers, blacksmiths, watch and clock makers, sweet makers, post office masters and many others to choose from.

7. Shopping

7.1. Miners usually bought alcohol to drink. They bought their permit from the permit office, their mining equipment from the tool store, and basic needs (such as blankets, tents, mutton , tea and flour) at the supply store.

8. Clothing

8.1. Your clothes depended on your age. However, miners wore moleskin trousers, heavy leather boots and wide hats. A successful miner wore a striped flannel undershirt or cotton overshirt with knee-length boots and a cabbage hat.

8.2. Ladies wore large bonnets, dresses with high necks and tight waists, a cotton petticoat, striped stockings and hardwearing boots.

9. Entertainment

9.1. Miners were entertained by music and story telling. They were also entertained by entertainers who made them laugh. There were even balls or concerts to entertain them.Hunting animals was also sports and entertainment for them.

10. Food

10.1. Popular foods eaten on the goldfields were dampers, mutton with onion or potato (possibly cabbage and carrots), stew and salted beef jerky. If lucky, they could capture ducks and chickens to eat.

11. Interesting facts

11.1. The Eureka Stockade created by the diggers was one step to making Australia a democratic country.

11.2. The Chinese were especially hated in Australia as they were 'strange' in every way.

12. Activities

12.1. Sports, shooting animals and playing games, smoking pipes were activities done by miners.