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Ideas for Poverty Law Club Events by Mind Map: Ideas for Poverty Law Club Events
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Ideas for Poverty Law Club Events

Watch a movie

Name: Drugs are Not the Problem Trailer:

Name: Something To Eat, A Place To Sleep, and Someone Who Gives A Damn

Film about Shell's activities in the Niger Delta (suggested by Lyndsey) (suggested by Lyndsey)

Poverty/"Reality" Tour:

by Rose Henry of downtown Victoria

By Judy Graves of Vancouver

A volunteer board with ideas of places to volunteer

e.g. Gladue reports for Indian Friendship Centre

e.g. Disability benefits applications with TAPS

Visit organizations in the Vancouver and Victoria area devoted to Poverty Law Issues

Be a forum for people with an interest in these issues to connect and for information and opportunities to be distributed

e.g. Liaise with Pivot Legal in Vancouver to distribute calendars that they produce and film that they recommend

Have guest speakers come to school

On PovNet (see note)

Hi. I heard about you from David Mossop (PovNet is housed at CLAS). Would love to come and talk to you sometime about PovNet -- aside from the web site, we have a number of email lists for community advocates and social justice progressive lawyer, soon-to-be lawyer types! ...PG --  Penny Goldsmith, Executive Co-ordinator PovNet ( #300-1140 W Pender Street, Vancouver, BC  V6E 4G1 604.876.8638 (ph); 604.685.7611 (fax); ****************************************************************** "Anticipate charity by preventing poverty." -- Maimonides ******************************************************************

David Eby, ED of BC Civil Liberties Association.

David Mossop, head of CLAS

Create database of alternative employment options in association with the University Windsor Law School's club

Raise funds for other organizations

Action on current issues?

Needle Exchange

Bottle Depot

Camping bylaw

Give membership certificates to those who participated and those who were on the executive at the end of the year/semester