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Revision by Mind Map: Revision

1. Describing scenes

1.1. Present Deduction

1.1.1. It must be an earthquake I am sure it is

1.1.2. It can`t be a storm I am sure it is not

1.1.3. It might be a tsunami Perhaps it is

1.2. Look+adjective

1.2.1. They look angry/scared/vulnerable

1.3. Look like+ noun phrase

1.3.1. It looks like a huge wave

1.3.2. He looks like Brad Pitt.

1.4. Look as if + sentence

1.4.1. It looks as if it`s going to rain

2. The verb Want

2.1. I want to help the survivors.

2.2. I want you to help them

2.3. Do you want to help them?

2.4. Do you want me to help them?

3. Vocabulary Fighting for Survival

3.1. Survival training

3.1.1. Luck

3.1.2. Intelligence

3.1.3. The ability to remain clam

3.1.4. Determination

3.1.5. Physical strentgth