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3D Printing by Mind Map: 3D Printing

1. Introduction

1.1. Have you ever though building a house in just a week with less people compare to tradition where it take more than a couple month? With the 3D Printing is possible. I will teach you what 3D printing actually is and how far could it be in the future.


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3. dimensionalizing

3.1. 3D Print is cost-effectiveness compare to traditional manufacturing because there is no cost for labor, shippement and etc. Is the same as saving 70% of the cost.

3.2. 3D Print is really faster than traditional manufacturing. it take a day to a week for traditional manufacturing to create a protocol compare to 3D print where it take couple hours.

4. WHY

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5. Maybe

5.1. In the future, the 3D print will be use in the industry like homebuilding, car-making, medical supply, footwear and even food. Also, Nasa will use 3D print to build house on Mars.

6. HOW

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