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Emily Lish Mind Map by Mind Map: Emily Lish Mind Map

1. Adolecence

1.1. Cognative

1.1.1. During my adolescence, my egocentricity increased. I thought that everyone was watching my every move. I continued to do well in school. I excelled in math and reading and was placed in advanced math classes. Although many adolescents ignore danger and, I was always a stickler for the rules and was very cautious.

1.2. Physical

1.2.1. Puberty normally hits during adolescence and I started my menses around age 11. I was also experiences secondary sexual changes in my body such as breasts and body hair. I continued to grow to the height of 5'3". I think I stopped growing around age 16. I have struggled with my weight since adolescence and it fluctuated often.

1.3. Social/Personality Development

1.3.1. I struggled to develop me self concept. I tried to blend in with what my friends did and conform to what they thought was cool. I didn't succumb to much peer pressure when it came to doing drugs and drinking alcohol.

2. Early Adulthood

2.1. Social/Personality Development

2.1.1. I met my husband when I was 18 and fell in love. Two and a half years later, we were married on July 17, 2004. I moved out of my parents house and became responsible for myself. I developed a more concrete self concept and more confidence. My husband and I decided to not have children and are still in the midst of deciding what we want to do when we grow up. Since I do not have a finite career yet, I sometimes compare myself with others who are my age and more successful.

2.2. Physical

2.2.1. As an adult I have struggled with obesity. Lack of exercise and unhealthy eating have taken their toll on me. In the past year I have lost sixty pounds and plan on continuing to a healthy weight. Since I plan on being a Registered Dietician, it is important that I represent a healthy lifestyle.

2.3. Cognative

2.3.1. I have become better at problem solving due to more life experiences to draw from. I am applying myself and going back to college to purse a bachelors degree in Food and Nutrition.

3. Late Adulthood

3.1. Physical

3.1.1. My hair has all turned grey now. I have shrank to the height of 5', like both of my grandmas. I maintain a healthy weight with diet and exercise. I still maintain an active lifestyle and enjoying walking daily. I now wear my glasses all of the time. My family has a history of hypertension, and I developed it in my late sixties. I manage it with a healthy lifestyle and a small dose of prescription drugs.

3.2. Cognative

3.2.1. I still enjoy learning and try to read the paper daily. It helps to keep my cognitive skills up to speed. I have a harder time with my shortterm memory.

3.3. Social/Personality Development

3.3.1. I retired from my career as a Registered Dietician when I turned 66. It was quite a change, but I have learned to enjoy my retired life. When I review my life, I feel very blessed and fulfilled. Derek and I are still in love and enjoy a full,happy life together. I still enjoy traveling and Derek and I walk together daily for enjoyment.

4. Middle Adulthood

4.1. Physical

4.1.1. I start to decrease height. I suffer from slight osteoporosis, and try to supplement my calcium to counteract the problem. My hair is staring to turn grey and I have more wrinkles than before. I have been maintaining my weight with regular exercise and healthy eating. My prescription for glasses has become stronger and I wear them more often.

4.2. Cognative

4.2.1. My cognitive functioning has started to decrease a bit, but my life experience and expertise help me to compensate. It takes me slightly longer to recall long term-memories.

4.3. Social/Personality Development

4.3.1. I look back at what I have accomplished with my life. I feel happy. I have had a loving marriage for over twenty years. My husband Derek and I have more free time and are able to do more traveling. We finally go to New Zealand and going on a fishing/hiking adventure. I am still enjoying my career as as Registered Dietician. I love helping people become more healthy.

5. Death and Dying

5.1. Physical

5.1.1. At the age of 99, I am diagnosed with cancer. I decide that since I have lived a long life, I am not going to purse treatment. I decide to have hospice care when I am near the end and I die quietly and peacefully at my home.

5.2. Cognative

5.2.1. I have gone through all of the five stages of dying. I have a living will stating that I do not want to be kept alive by artificial means and also have a DNR.

5.3. Social

5.3.1. I have have said goodbye to all of my loved ones and fear leaving Derek behind. I fear for how he will do without me. I made arrangements for my funeral, which will be more like a celebration of life and have decided to have my remains cremated.

6. Prentatal and Newborn

6.1. Physical

6.1.1. I was conceived on Thanksgiving night 1982. After 33 weeks, my mom went in to premature labor. After 4 hrs of natural drug-free labor she gave birth to a 4lb 14oz girl. I stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks before going home.

6.2. Social / Personality development

6.2.1. My mother was drug and alcohol free during her pregnancy, and I was able to form attachments easily.

6.3. Cognative

6.3.1. Although I was premature, my mother was very healthy and active during her pregnancy and I didn't have any cognitive delays.

7. Infancy and Toddlerhood

7.1. Physical

7.1.1. Although I was born small, I gained weight quickly and was normal weigh and height by age one. As an infant i was able to used the rooting reflex to find milk for nourishment. When I was born, preemie clothes were hard to find and my grandma made me clothes from doll clothes patterns. I started to crawl for a few days around month 8, my I preferred scooting on my back. I starred walking around one year.

7.2. Cognative

7.2.1. I started to talk around a year. My first word was dada followed by mama. I learned to recognize my parents and grandpa, who we lived with. I also begin to understand the idea of permanance.

7.3. Social/Personality Development

7.3.1. I was a happy baby and as an infant I had an easy temperament. And formed a secure attachment with my mother and father. I start to feel empathy toward my mom and dad based on their facial features and

8. Preschool Period

8.1. Physical

8.1.1. I continued to grow at a normal rate. My mom had tried to potty train me at age 2, right before my brother was born, but after he was born, I reverted back to warring diapers till I was 3. I guess I thought if he could wear them then so could I. My brother and I got chicken pox at the same time. I was around 4. It's awesome that kids are now vaccinated for them and no longer get them. I learned I was right handed.

8.2. Cognative

8.2.1. My mom read to me nearly every night. It improved my syntax and by age 4, I was reading with her. I watched a small amount of television and what I did watch were things like Sesame Street and other learning programs. I also went to preschool a few days a week.

8.3. Social/Personality Development

8.3.1. My best friend lived down the street. Her name was Jackie and we went to preschool together. We played a lot together. My younger brother and I played a lot too.

9. Middle Childhood/School Age

9.1. Physical

9.1.1. When I entered school, I was one of the shorter kids. The summer before second grade, I fell off the monkey bars and broke my wrist on two places. This is a prime example of accidents that happen to children. I broke my right wrist and it made it hard to write while I had a cast and was still refining my fine motor skills. I didn’t have any learning disorders.

9.2. Cognative

9.2.1. I continued to read well and was placed in the advanced reading groups. I enjoyed working in groups and learn from others perspectives. My memory improves and I devlop meta memory.

9.3. Social/ Personality Development

9.3.1. I had a high self esteem and felt good about myself. Jackie remained my best friend. I had decent social competence and while I wasn’t the most popular kid, but had a good group of mostly girl friends that I liked. My parents were married and I had a happy Family life.