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LIFT 07 by Mind Map: LIFT 07
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Wikipedia; A social Inovation - Florence Devouard

community based enviroment

250 languages

"the idea encyclopedia should be radical, it should stop being safe


cool utopia?


Whisher: Wifi Reloaded (demo) - Ferran Moreno

different impressions

wifi map of israel

Open-Ended play in Habbo - Sampo Karjalainen


why users come

main characteristcs

10% actually pay for it, in the amount of a movie ticket per month aproximatly

Collective Inteligence inside the entrerprise - Lee Bryant


key ideas

some concrete steps towards CI in the enterprise

Contemporary space(s) - Christoph Zoels

strong link between the understading of universe and architecture

philosofy and architecture

Beyond Robotics - Frédéric Kaplan



Outdoctrination: society, children, technology and self-organization in education - Sugata Mitra

remoteness and the quality of education

Community on the net: going virtual in proportion to being actual - Sister Judith Zoebelein

internet is all about symbols

young people today, live on the internet

Communication Technology and new forms of social interaction - Laa Srivastava




what way can emerging technologies help us deal with these human necessities?


When 1st Life Meets 2nd Life - Julian Bleecker

Material contigencies

Entrepreneur - a messy mind Bernino Lind

Everyware: Further down the rabbit hole Adam Greenfield

information processing is showing up in new spaces and taking over new tasks

an emergente "internet of things"

a class of systems that tends to colonize everyday life

"information processing dissolving behaviour"

curious inversion in which the visible is made invisible and the latent is brought to light

where do we stand with all of this?

REALITY CHECK: Robust obiquity appears structurally latent in many emerging standards and technologies

Everyware can be engaged even in the absence f an active, conscious decision to do so

everyware encourages the belief that meaningful knowledge of the world can be derived from the machine inference

everyeware obscures the locus of control

everyware enderwrites an information ecology. in which the presence of one component may trigger funcionality in another

it's time to take everyware seriously


Collective Intelligence and Collaborative Creativity : What do we need more? - Jaewoong Lee


Human brain

History of Media

More than Google

User Generated Content

Intelligent Layers



Panel: The new economics of creation How to make a living from creative work in the peer to peer and Youtube era?

Patrick Chappatte - Cartoonist

John Buckman Founder, Magnatune and BookMooch, Creative Commons Board Member

Rodrigo Sepulveda Schulz CEO,

Zhang Ga - Artistic Director / Curator, China International New Media Arts Exhibition 2008

Panel: Facing the digital divide - Bringing it home One billion users on the Internet. It's changing the world, but six billion people are left behind

it's all about technology in society

Daniel Kaplan Fédération Internet Nouvelle Génération


technologies of disorder

assertive technologies

technologies of identity

fluid/organic world

self-organizing, self-moving

power! borders! conflict!

handles on the future