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Measurement by Mind Map: Measurement

1. TSA is again finding for all 6 faces/ surface ( sqaures), formula = 6 ( sidex side) = 6 ( lxl) LSA is finding for 4 faces excluding top and bottom, formula = 4 ( side x side)

2. 1. Figure out if any missing side is there or not. 2 Find the missing side/s 3. Add up all the sides in the boundary.

3. area

3.1. we connected it to area rectangle, formula = pi x r x r= pi r2

3.2. we understood the value of pi (3.14 or 22/7) the formula is 2 x r x pi

4. perimeter

5. define measurement: associating a value to any attribute...

5.1. What are the different attributes that can be measured? length, breadth, height, weight, capacity, time, area , perimeter,temperature, current,., money, angles

5.1.1. there is a related unit for each attribute

5.1.2. Answer-

6. Measurement focused this year= measurement of shapes

6.1. angles formed by lines

6.1.1. role of transversal and the different pairs of angles in transversal and their properties(CA,VOA, AA, AIA,AEA, LP, IA,EX

6.2. compound shapes

6.2.1. area

6.2.2. 1. Break into smaller shapes. 2. Find out the missing sides 3. Find area of individual square (lxl) or rectangle(lxb) 4. Add them up

6.3. area of of 3D shapes

6.3.1. Total surface area and lateral surface area of cuboid

6.3.2. Total surface area and lateral surface area of cube

6.4. we connected it with area of rectangle, formula = base x height

6.5. area of parallelogram

6.5.1. TSA is finding area of all 6 surfaces and adding it , formula = 2 ( lxb + bxh+ lxh) LSA is finding area of 4 surfaces excluding top and bottom and adding it, formula = 2( bxh + lxh)

6.6. circle

6.6.1. circumference

6.7. area of triangles

6.7.1. we connected it with area of rectangle, formula = 1/2 x base x height