Preparation for Automation

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Preparation for Automation by Mind Map: Preparation for Automation

1. Needs Assessment

1.1. Staff

1.1.1. What Are the Concerns?

1.1.2. What Are Their Roles?

1.1.3. Responsibilities?

1.1.4. Level of Job Satisfaction?

1.1.5. Openness to Change

1.2. User

1.2.1. Students/Clients, Administrators, Other Staff What are Their Information Needs? Areas that Need to be Addressed? Automation Concerns?

1.3. Analyzing: Existing Problems, Future Problems, Re-Evaluations of Job Descriptions & Responsibilities

1.4. Analysis

1.4.1. Must Analyze Each Library Media Center Function Cataloging, Circulation, & Information Service

1.4.2. Gather Data Justifies Automation Sets Priorities

1.4.3. Evaluate Collected Data vs. Workflow Patterns Concludes Which Functions Need Automation and their Priority

2. Knowledge Acquisition

2.1. Learning

2.1.1. Colleagues Communication Networking Subscriptions to Other Professional/Technology-Oriented Mediums

2.1.2. Conferences & Vendors Product Review Sessions State AND National Conferences Company's Background, Current Status, etc. Previews of Software

3. Budgeting

3.1. Prioritize Needs/Potential for Phasing

3.2. Sources: Internal, State, External (Businesses, PTO's, Library Supporters/Friends, & Private Organizations

3.3. Consideration of Consultant

3.4. Estimating ALL Costs

3.5. All Funding, future and current, Needs to be Assesed During Preparation