Future of Automation

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Future of Automation by Mind Map: Future of Automation

1. New Developments

1.1. OPACs

1.1.1. Focal Point = Client/Server Architecture

1.1.2. Access From Anywhere, Anytime To Multiple Information Systems Databases User/Search-Friendly

1.1.3. GUI/Web Based/Windows

1.2. Dublin Core Metadata Element Set

1.2.1. Cataloging Internet Sources

1.3. Cross-Platform Products

1.3.1. Digital Collections

1.4. Electronic Data Interface

1.4.1. Online Data Acquisitions

1.5. JAVA & XML

1.5.1. MARC and XML Records Can be Interchanged

1.6. Outsourcing Systems for Lower Costs

1.6.1. Access Service Provider

1.6.2. Data Research Associates

1.7. School Interoperability Framework

1.7.1. Sharing of Data & Resources

2. Our Role as Trainers, Information Managers, & Consultants

2.1. Leadership Role

2.1.1. Analyzing User Information-Seeking Find Solutions to Problems

2.1.2. Identify Problems in System Design Find Solutions

2.1.3. Add Web Based OPACs Educate on How to Best Utilize Them

2.1.4. Develop Information Literacy Lessons Train All Users/Clients

2.1.5. Be Knowledgeable of Trends for Future Patrons Attend Seminars/Staff Development/Etc. Consistently Read Professional Journals