social problem

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social problem by Mind Map: social problem

1. solved by technology -smart cities initiative

1.1. allow data to be collected

1.2. allow data to be understood

1.3. people can check whether the problem was given solution

2. solved by the city

2.1. good mornitoring

2.2. immediate action

3. - potential water overflow - pothole - broken slide - light out

4. solved by citizens

4.1. problem sited

4.1.1. pothole, broken slide and light out

4.1.2. They are concerned about the safety of the public

4.2. send message to the city pulse

4.2.1. the problem will cause more damage when not worked out immediately

4.3. check what else is going on the neighborhood.

4.4. reported issues that can affect the city

4.5. giving opinions for the good of the city

4.5.1. online sharing of opinion/discussion