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Karlie Paschall by Mind Map: Karlie Paschall
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Karlie Paschall

Eriksons Psychosocial Stages: STAGE 8 EGO INTEGRITY VS DESPAIR - Karlie and Mike are retired they feel they have led a succesful life and left a promising legacy for their two children.

Death & Dying

Eriksons Psychosocial Stages: STAGE 7 GENERATIVITY - Karlie will have contributed to her society through her involvement in her church Real Life ministries. *future hopes* She will have done serveral missions trips and led for several years in the youth ministry at the church. Her husband Mike will have finished bible college back in his 20's and is now a community pastor. They also have adopted a child and have raised that child as there own. They feel very accomplished.

Late Adulthood

6. Eriksons Psychosocial Stages: STAGE 6 INTIMACY VS ISOLATION - Karlie is now a young adult. She is learning to build romantic relationships. Her mom and dad get divorced her senior year of high school, and she becomes engaged at the age of 17 to her high school sweetheart Mike Paschall. She is afraid of being rejected or left like her mom was by her dad. She has intimacy issues. She gets married after graduation on August 26, 2006.

Early Adulthood

5. Eriksons Psychosocial Stages: STAGE 5 IDENTITY VS ROLE CONFUSION - Karlie is now an adolescent. She is learning how to fit in with her peers. She ponders the roles of her family, friends, and society. She begins to experiement with different behaviors. She gets into a little bit of trouble experiementing with drink/partying. Her mom and dad get concerned and start putting boundaries on where Karlie can go and how late she can stay out. Her curfew becomes 12 am.


4. Eriksons Psychosocial Stages: STAGE 3 INITIATIVE VS GUILT - Karlie is now coming into her "school age" years. She is planing and developing a sense of judgement. She is starting to gain independence from mom and dad. It is at this age that Karlie's mom and dad start letting her walk to school in the mornings with a friend when they live in Texas. Her schooling also encompanses her Micro system.

Eriksons Psychosocial Stages: STAGE 4 INDUSTRY VS INFERIORITY - Karlie is now at the elementary school age. She is starting to work on her skills of being responsible and doing things right. This stage is very critical for her self-confidence, and she also needs lot of recognition. Karlie is involved in dance, and girl scouts. At one particular girl scout event, she and the other girl scouts had to perform a dance/skit in front of a whole auditence including her parents. She was so nervous but had a great time pretending to be a dancing tree! Afterwards, her mommy and daddy told her how great a job she did and how they loved seeing her dancing in her red tennis shoes on stage. This makes Karlie very happy!

Middle Childhood - School Age

2. Eriksons Psychosocial Stages: Stage 2 AUTONOMY VS SHAME & DOUBT - Karlie is around 2-4 she is growing in leaps and bounds. She like's to explore her surroundings. She is begining to feed and dress herself and use the bathroom by herself. Her parents give her freedom to do these little tasks because otherwise she would have shame and doubt about her abilities. MILESTONES: 1) Karlie goes to the bathroom by herself. Before, her daddy would put her on the potty and wait for her but she wouldn't go. So, when mommy is away at a retreat for church daddy is left to watch her. He puts her on the potty but then the phone rings. He goes to grab it, and when he gets back, Karlie has gone to the bathroom all by herself!

2 Infancy & Toddlerhood

1 . Eriksons Psychosocial Stages: STAGE 1 TRUST VS MISTRUST - Basic needs are met by parents. August 14th 1988 Karlie Rae Irwin is born to Jennifer and Patrick Irwin. She joins her big brother Michael. Jennifer is a stay at home mom. Jennifer, Patrick, and Michael make up Karlie's Micro system.

1. Pre-Natal & Newborn

3. Pre-School Period Age 3-5




Middle Adulthood