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1. meaning

1.1. Staffing refers to the continuous process of finding, selecting evaluating and developing a working relationship with current or future employees.

2. importance

2.1. heavy investment

2.2. Interrelated efforts

2.3. Human resources as assets

2.4. Long term effect

2.5. Loss may surpass investment

3. as part of Human Resource management

3.1. Employment functions

3.2. Employee Remunerations

3.3. Human relation function

3.4. Welfare functions

4. Steps

4.1. 1. Manpower process planning

4.2. 2. Recruitment

4.3. 3.Selection

4.4. 4.Placement and orientation

4.5. 5.Training

4.6. 6.Performance appraisal

4.7. 7.Promotions

4.8. 8.Compensation

5. Components

5.1. Recruitment

5.1.1. meaning process of searching prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for the job in the organisation

5.1.2. Sources Internal Transfer Promotion Recalling the laid off employees External Advertisement Personnel Consultants Jobbers and contractors Waiting list Employment Exchanges Recommendations of the present employees Labour Unions

5.2. Selection

5.2.1. meaning process of choosing the most suitable candidate for the vacant position in the organization.

5.2.2. Steps 1.Scrutiny of applications 2.Preliminary interview 3.Specialised blank application forms 4.Tests trade tests performance tests psychological tests 5.Interview 6.Checking references 7.medical examinations 8.Final selection

5.3. Training

5.3.1. need Quicl learning less supervision higher productivity higher morale better management economical Operations benefits to employee themselves

5.3.2. methods on the job job rotation Apprenticeship Coaching vestibule training Committee assignments off the job conferences role playing special courses internship