Lessons - Design Thinking Workshop Day 1

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Lessons - Design Thinking Workshop Day 1 by Mind Map: Lessons - Design Thinking Workshop Day 1

1. New way of approaching education

1.1. RCA

1.1.1. Based on portfolio

1.1.2. students interview

1.1.3. focus: practical work environment plays a huge role

1.2. Other institutions

1.2.1. Based on Exam results

1.2.2. Lecturer/Dean Interview

1.2.3. focus: Exam and lectures

2. 5 Roles to play in changing the world through Design

2.1. Government

2.1.1. Design is holistic

2.1.2. Should incorporate in all aspects

2.2. Education system

2.2.1. False assumptions arts and design perceived as unpromising as career

2.2.2. exam oriented environment not practical and does not foster creativity

2.2.3. designed for industrial revolution era to churn out workers NOW: new economy, collaboration, ADHD

2.3. Design Industry

2.3.1. Problem: Most designers undervalue themselves Designers has damaging beliefs DAMAGING BELIEFS: We are not smart. DAMAGING BELIEFS: Our work does not have high impact They don't take their profession seriously They don't see the impact of design

2.4. Clients

2.4.1. Problem: They need to see the value in design Otherwise, they'll just see pricing as issue Educate them, show them statistics

2.4.2. statistics "Design increase productivity from 15-40%"

2.5. YOU

3. IDEO "Shopping Cart" documentary

3.1. Designer teams

3.1.1. Don't Experts on a particular subject

3.1.2. Do Be expert on the Methodology

3.1.3. Have Wild Ideas!

3.1.4. Always Defer your judgments

3.1.5. Build on Ideas of Others

3.1.6. Focus on one subject at a time

3.1.7. Only One Conversation at a tame

3.1.8. Work on your time constraints

3.1.9. Team Characteristics Team member from all background different experiences

3.2. Quotable Quotes

3.2.1. "Enlightened trial and errors succeeds planning of a lone genius."

4. Some Advice...

4.1. Learn from other countries

4.1.1. Know your culture

4.1.2. Travel!

4.1.3. Observe

4.1.4. Bring back to your country

4.1.5. Which Country? Korea Taiwan Singapore

4.2. From Ian [email protected] Iskandar Abdullah

4.2.1. Fight for your ideas!

4.2.2. Travel and Learn

4.2.3. Get out of your comfort zone