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Entrepreneurs Go Online by Mind Map: Entrepreneurs Go Online
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Entrepreneurs Go Online

book club, stamp collectors = sharing communities

friendfeed delicious flickr mento secondbrain

theater, catwalk = virtual worlds

hangout, church, club = social network

newspaper = MyPage

encyclopedia = wiki

scratch book, telegram = micro-blogs

tv, radio = podcasts

stickie-notes, collages = widgets

splashcast,, YouTube, Google, Shopify

blogs = magazine, diary

blogger wordpress vox

email newsletter = flyer

feedblitz feedburner

website = brochure

google pages terapad weebly

rss reader = spies

google reader bloglines blogbridge

email client = mailbox

outlook thunderbird gmail yahoo hotmail safari

browser = window

firefox internet explorer safari opera

business and project examples

Examples how companies use social media like blogging, podcasting to drive business.

Questions to start with

Which one is good for you: What do you need now, what later? Where do you have fun and/or talent, where have others in your team fun and/or talent?


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