Healthcare Technology

Healthcare Informatics Mind Map

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Healthcare Technology by Mind Map: Healthcare Technology

1. Software

1.1. EHR/EMR Software

1.1.1. Manages patient info

1.1.2. Monitors recurring treatments

1.2. Privacy Software

1.2.1. Protects patient PHI

1.3. Medical App. Software

1.3.1. Tracks health info in real time

1.3.2. Manages patient info

1.3.3. Can be used on a variety of devices

2. Devices

2.1. Home Devices

2.1.1. Monitoring devices Heart rate monitor Glocometer Life Alert

2.1.2. Mobile Phones Utilizes medical app. software Telehealth capabilities

2.2. Clinical Devices

2.2.1. Vitals sign monitoring devices Pulse Oximeter Thermometer Blood Pressure Monitor

2.2.2. Video cameras for probing

3. Equipment

3.1. Medical equipment

3.1.1. Diagnostics Lab Testing EKG

3.1.2. Pharmacy Dispensary

3.1.3. Imaging MRI X-Ray

3.2. Office Equipment

3.2.1. Fax Machine Sends & retrieves healthcare info

3.2.2. Printer Prints healthcare forms & info

3.2.3. Computer Stores healthcare info Utilizes healthcare software