Cartoons for Personal Project

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Cartoons for Personal Project by Mind Map: Cartoons for Personal Project

1. Remember, I need 6 cartoons in total

2. First Cartoon: will be like a series. One drawing for each political candidate(Barack Obama ,Hilary Clinton,John Edwards, John McCain ,Mitt Romney ,Mike Huckabee)

3. Sixth Cartoon:(Round 2)Obama comes back with a right hook and knocks McCain out(which represents that McCain was winning the election at first, but Obama gained more votes than McCain and finally won the election)

4. Second Cartoon: Race between all of the Presidential candidates. the candidates that dropout would be the losers

5. Fourth Cartoon: Baseball Game. The surviving Presidential Candidates (Barack and McCain) pick baseball teams. The person who they pick for co-captain will be their vice president. The rest of the players would be a part of each candidates cabinet or supporters of the person)

6. Third Cartoon: Hide and Seek. The three candidates(Hilary ,Obama, and McCain) are playing hide and seek....Hilary is found. She is the loser(she drops out the race)

7. Fifth Cartoon: Boxing Match between Obama and John McCain.(Round 1) At first, McCain is winning( McCain has a slight lead over Obama with more electoral votes)