Marketing Strategy

The ROARlocal Marketing strategy

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Marketing Strategy by Mind Map: Marketing Strategy

1. Direct Mail

1.1. Mailing List

1.1.1. we have a mailing list of 2000 VC's

1.1.2. we have the TBC mailing list

1.2. Mailing Piece

1.2.1. online magazine

1.2.2. offline version for VC's

2. Email Lists

2.1. TBC Master List

2.2. list

2.3. Nicola List

3. SEO

3.1. Main Keywords we want to rank for

3.1.1. Need data from PPC

3.2. Great content rich blog posts

3.3. Content syndication as per content strategy

4. PPC

4.1. ads

4.2. landing pages

5. Social Media

5.1. Twitter

5.1.1. find an follow people we want as customers

5.2. LinkedIn

5.2.1. find and friend people we want as customers

5.2.2. use a company to get us linked In leads

5.3. Google +

5.4. Facebook

6. Guerrilla Marketing

6.1. digital marketing managers

6.1.1. mailing piece

6.1.2. VA to find people looking for DM mangers

6.2. People who are currently running ads in local press

6.3. People currently running PPC campaigns

7. content strategy

7.1. Blog posts

7.1.1. Record Audio for pod casts turn audio in to video use PP for slide share syndicate videos on main video platforms share videos on main site

7.1.2. syndicate through social media

8. PR

8.1. enter into business awards

8.1.1. use a company to help us

8.2. Get PR pieces written 2 per month post on PR sites

8.2.1. copy writer to do this

8.3. Get Interviewed on Radio

9. Speaking

9.1. Join IOD so we can speak at their events

10. Joint Ventures

10.1. Find JV partners with lists of prospects

10.1.1. james Cahn

10.1.2. Peter Thomsom

10.1.3. Chris Cardel

10.1.4. Nigel Botteril

10.1.5. Jonathan Jay

10.1.6. Vishal blak pearl

10.1.7. Richard tan

11. Referrals

11.1. referral system in place

11.2. Testimonial system in place

11.3. non geographic competing businesses

11.3.1. Cocomoon only targets N.E find intro agencies in other area's London Wales South East West Country Ireland midlands Scotland

11.3.2. Prontaprint Franchises

12. seminars

13. adding value sessions

13.1. mobile

13.2. social media

13.3. PPC

13.4. SEO

13.5. other networks

13.6. back end sales

13.7. referrals

13.8. MUCH MUCH more!