TEDGlobal 2012 Jonathan Maas

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TEDGlobal 2012 Jonathan Maas by Mind Map: TEDGlobal 2012 Jonathan Maas

1. What

1.1. There’s little chance that Jonathan Maas is an unknown name for you. He recently published his book “Wereldverbeteraars” and is writing for Trouw and the VPRO-magazine. His view on how you can change the world by looking at it from a different perspective will be an eye opener for many of us.

2. radical openness

2.1. great, but aren't we terribly afraid?

2.2. Shouldn't we just share and be open?

2.2.1. i think it does

3. sharing

3.1. Sebastiaan travelled around the world

3.1.1. questioned artists etc.

3.2. They not only have great ideas

3.2.1. Like sustainablity and better living conditions

3.2.2. They were willing to share!

3.3. Having other people think with them

3.3.1. make it better/use it themselves

3.3.2. creative circle that doesn't stop

4. Who

4.1. Jonathan Maas

4.2. Journalist

4.2.1. VPRO magazine

4.2.2. Trouw

4.3. @jonathanmaas

5. 'Real change'

5.1. is needed

5.1.1. economy

5.1.2. evironment

5.2. real change

5.2.1. not about a structure

5.2.2. but yourself your attitude sharing instead of competing

5.3. will come from individuals

5.3.1. not politics

5.4. examples:

5.4.1. someone wants to get rid of certain commercial crap

5.4.2. fashion from micro bacteria has no training so has to work together Working with scientists is hard but she succeeded

5.5. What is needed? Radical openness

6. Andre Platteel

6.1. Works with

6.1.1. politicians

6.1.2. artists

6.2. change towards a world where everyone can flourish

6.2.1. seem difficult

6.2.2. we like to thrive in exclusion

6.2.3. if you think along that line it will be about separatism etc.

6.3. 'Politics is dead'

6.3.1. you can't expect anything from them

6.4. key to change

6.4.1. what we saw today

6.4.2. radical openness it's here it's here all the time paying profound attention experience it completely fully connected by empathy growth

6.4.3. examples have people from different backgrounds work together differences fall away after a few days 1 or 2 actually

7. we have to change ourselves

7.1. Crisis stories are not making us better

7.2. what should we do then?

7.2.1. every moment is new (that's radical openness)

7.3. 'objective journalism is gone'

7.4. should we interview people with inspiring ideas more?

7.4.1. instead of politicians speaking 'ill words'

7.5. we find ourselves or other people very important

7.6. we are alle facilitators

7.6.1. where we can invite other people to flourish